The City of Charleston's Southern Marlins Racing Team (SMRT) formed in 1984 as the City of Charleston Swim Team (CCST).  In 2004 CCST merged with the Summerville Marlins Racing Team and adopted the Southern Marlins Racing Team name. 

SMRT is known throughout the area as a first class year-round competitive swimming program.  We offer a guided age group program for children aged six and up, and can accommodate all levels from novice swimmers into competition at the local, state, zone and national levels.  When a young person becomes a member of SMRT, we teach them the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.


Competitive swimming is a serious endeavor. There are many satisfying advantages that accompany this training: Health, the joy of winning, the strength learned in goal setting, social contacts, and the excitement of competition and travel. It is the goal of the SMRT and Coaching Staff to provide a physically, mentally and intellectually rewarding program. Personal and physical skills learned here help our members in their current endeavors and throughout their lives.


Competitive swimming builds character, discipline, leadership, self-esteem, physical fitness, teamwork and a strong work ethic; all which can be used for a lifetime.

                                                     OUR VISION:

Provide a model for excellence in youth athletics, giving our swimmers the opportunity to excel at all levels of competition, while providing a safe environment for all young athletes.

                                                    OUR MISSION:

To create an environment that allows and encourages each swimmer to achieve their maximum individual potential.  To provide the needed tools to maintain the children's safety and protection.