How to Sign-Up for a Meet

SMRT offers different meets for different levels, ages and abilities of swimmers. Your group coach will tell you about meets in which your swimmer may participate. 

If you want your swimmer to attend a meet, sign into the SMRT website and click the "Edit Commitment" button next to the desired meet. Click your swimmer's name and choose, "Yes, please sign _______ up for this event." Be sure to click "Save Changes."

You may be able to suggest events for meets, but coaches will make the final approval of swimmers’ events.

SMRT is required to pay entry fees for all committed swimmers when entries are submitted to host teams. Families will be billed meet fees on their monthly invoice. If your swimmer is committed when the entry deadline passes, you will be billed even if your swimmer does not attend the meet .

For meets where there are relay events, coaches will assign swimmers to preliminary relays, but reserve the right to change assignments once at the meet. Check with your coach before leaving any session with a relay - your swimmer may be needed.