ABC of SMRT Booster Club

The Southern Marlins Racing Team (SMRT) is a program of the City of Charleston Recreation Department (CCRD). The ABC of SMRT Booster Club, made up of parents of its swim team members, has as its foremost purpose to support the Southern Marlins Racing Team and its mission. The booster club is committed to supporting the coaching staff needs and providing the best opportunities for all swimmers in the SMRT family.  The booster club is active in fundraising, organizing meet support, and other "dry side" activities which contribute to the continued success of the SMRT program.  As such, the ABC of SMRT has two facets - financial and service.

Your monthly dues not only pay CCRD costs, but also cover the following expenses for each swimmer:

  1. Assistant coaches

  2. Seasonal and meet awards

  3. Recognition program materials

  4. Short Course Banquet

  5. Long Course Pancake Breakfast

  6. Expenses related to social events, special events, and other benefits that make the SMRT experience special for our members.

While CCRD provides facilities, amenities, and staff, the ABC of SMRT Booster Club is responsible for hosting events and supporting our athletes. In order to be a successful swim program, participation in our events and commitment to serve and volunteer on behalf of SMRT are vital. Not only will the swimmers benefit from parental participation, but parents will also have a rewarding experience.

ABC of SMRT ByLaws

Financial Documents of ABC of SMRT


Please direct questions and requests to the Secretary (Christy Jickling) of the Aquatic Booster Club at [email protected]