Tips for a Successful Swim Meet

The Night Before:

  1. Make sure your swimmer eats a good dinner.
  2. Make sure your camera is ready, battery charged and memory card in place. Note that flash photography is not allowed during the starts.
  3. Pack essentials. These may include:
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Snacks - bananas, granola bars, PB&Js, etc. and/or cash for concessions
  • Cash for heat sheet (list of events/lane assignments—normally $5 for one-day meets, $10-$20 for multi-day meets)
  • Highlighter for highlighting your swimmer in the heat sheet
  • Goggles and team cap
  • Extra suit, goggles and cap
  • Extra towels, parka, warm-ups, sweatshirt for in between events
  • Flip flops or slide shoes for walking around on deck or going to the restroom
  • iPod, books, cards, etc. for the wait time between events
  • Deck chairs for you and your swimmer for meets with limited bleacher seating and/or outdoor seating
  • Dry clothes for after the meet
  1. Be sure you and your swimmer get plenty of rest.
  2. Download Meet Mobile to your smartphone. Most of the meets we attend post live results to Meet Mobile, and it'll be fun for both you and your swimmer to browse results. Meet Mobile is not a free app, but most families find that the $6 yearly subscription fee is worth it.

On Meet Day:

  1. Eat a good breakfast
  2. Have your swimmer wear his or her SMRT shirt and team suit.
  3. Arrive at least fifteen minutes before scheduled warmups so he or she will have time to get situated and check in with coaches.
  4. Parents try to sit all together so look for other SMRT shirts.
  5. If your swimmer is sitting with you, help him or her follow the events and pay attention to his or her race lineup.
  6. Look in the heat sheet for other SMRT swimmers to cheer on.
  7. Point out the event number and heat number on the scoreboard to help your child figure out when to get ready to swim (usually at least a full event early).
  8. Your coach may ask that your child come see him or her before going behind the blocks, and while the coach may try to gather and guide the kids, it is ultimately the swimmer’s responsibility to make it to her or her event.
  9. Be sure your swimmer sees the coach after each event.

Most importantly . . . cheer on your swimmer! Coaches are there to discuss race strategy and give feedback, and parents are there to give love and support.