USA Swimming National Standards

2020 Olympic Trials Time Standards

The qualifying time standards for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Swimming, which will be held June 21-28, 2020, in Omaha, Nebraska, at the CHI Health Center Omaha.

2017-2020 National Age Group Motivational Times, Top 16

The time standards set varying marks for swimmers of every age group, ranging from B to AAAA based on relative speed within the age group. Each age group has B standards, BB standards, A standards, AA standards, AAA standards and AAAA standards to give swimmers benchmarks for goal-setting and to track improvement.

USA Swimming Southern Zone

The Southern Zone is comprised of 15 separate local swim committees (LSC) located in the southern quadrant of the United States. South Carolina is located in the Eastern Southern Section.

2018-2019 Eastern Sectional of the Southern Zone Age Group Sectional Qualifying Standards 

2018-2019 Eastern Section Southern Zone Senior Time Standards

South Carolina Local Swim Committee (SCLSC)

South Carolina Swimming is a Local Swim Committee (LSC) operating under the direction of USA Swimming. SCLSC operates in a territory coinciding with our state borders.

2019-2020 SCLSC State Meet Qualifying Times SCY and LCM

South Carolina Swimming State Records

South Carolina Swimming Top 10 Rankings (current season)

The Annual South Carolina Select Camp that runs one weekend in the month of September is based on IMX events and scores. South Carolina Swimming IM Extreme/IMReady

High School State Meet Time Standards

SMRT supports its swimmers in their goals to compete successfully in the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA) and South Carolina High School League (SCHSL).

2018 SCISA State Meet Qualifying Times

2018 SCHSL State Meet Qualifying Times

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