The Sandpipers of Nevada

View Sandpipers Video HERE. Olympic Medalist Cody Miller

Since 1968, the Sandpipers of Nevada has established itself as a premier youth sports program in the Las Vegas area and one of the top club swim teams in the United States. The Sandpipers, along with being recognized amongst the few Gold Medal Swim Clubs in the country, offers a comprehensive program that satisfies the needs of novice swimmers to Olympic hopeful athletes. The Sandpipers of Nevada Swim Team is a member of the Southern California Swimming Association of USA Swimming. Sandpipers of Nevada is a non-profit corporation (ID #88-0151712) and is administered through a board of directors comprised of parent volunteers and coaches. The Sandpiper Foundation is built upon a tremendous amount of hard work by many volunteers, coaches, parents, and swimmers.

Team Highlights

2019 USA Swimming Podium Club

2016 - 2019 USA Swimming Gold Medal Club Excellence Award

2009 - 2015 USA Swimming Silver Medal Club Excellence Award

2016 - 2018 Western Zone Senior Champions

2015 Junior Olympic Champions

2001, 2012, & 2014 Sectional Champions All Three Divisions (Small, Medium and Large)

2004, 2011, 2012, & 2013 Nevada State Champions

2002 - 2005 SCS Winter Age Group Champions

Over 3 Decade’s of placing swimmers in the National Top 10 Rankings.

Our main objective is to offer a comprehensive youth competitive swim team to all of Southern Nevada. We aspire to develop all swimmers from beginners to the elite. Our primary goal is to teach lifelong skills that promote advancement in the sport of swimming and result in healthy and productive lifestyles.

Specific Goals

1) Fostering the positive attributes such as self-esteem, self-reliance, discipline, respect, confidence, dedication, and team pride through our daily training and goal setting.

2) Instilling the importance of a "work ethic" in our swimmers. Our motto is "success comes through hard work and dedication."

3) Promoting leadership and community involvement.

4) Providing an athletic alternative to destructive youth behavior.

5) Preparing our swimmers to excel in college, both academically and athletically.

6) Promoting the ideals of academic achievement as well as athletic achievement.



Please remember that athletes alone do not represent Sandpipers of Nevada; parents are also representatives. Adult behavior is the model that children follow. Common courtesy and good sportsmanship are minimum expectations of parental behavior at all competitions, workout sessions or any other Sandpiper function. If you have any questions about any team policy or Booster Club requirement, please email the Head Coach at [email protected]. Undermining of the coaching staff and/or Booster Club Executive Board will not be tolerated. The Head Coach reserves the right at all times to refuse service to any swim team member family or any other individual who does not observe a positive behavioral model for the swimming team and/or Booster Club(as determined by the Head Coach in his discretion).