Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How big is your team?

A:  We have an average of 450 swimmers total spread over 4 different locations.  Our team strives to maintain a low Coach to swimmer ratio, currently at 16:1 with 25 different groups being offered within the team from novice to national elite level.

Q:  How much does it cost to join your team?

A:  Our prices range from $90 per month for beginner swimmers to an average of $100 – $250 dollar for advance elite level programs that travel to various competitions out of state.

Q:  Why do you contract families to volunteer?

A:  It is important to work together to maintain the high standards of the Sandpiper Swim Team.  A minimum volunteer requirement of 21 hours from each family is requested annually, which averages only 1.75 hours per month.  We host 3-4 swim meets per year. Each swim meet lasts about 8 hours a day and most are 2 day meets.  If all families work one four hour session at each meet we can continue to provide local, high quality, sanctioned competition for our swimmers.  Volunteer hours can also be earned by helping our team leaders organize and plan special events.

Q:  Is it true that if you’re not a committed swimmer you shouldn't join your team?

A:  This is not true. Our team is designed just as much for the beginner as it is designed for our top Olympic hopefuls.  Wouldn't you like to be part of the team that has high goals for their swimmers at every level, where all the coaches encourage each individual to reach their full potential?!

Q:  Is it true that if you don’t come to practice you’ll be kicked off the team?

A:  Kids are not kicked off our team for not being able to come to practice. We provide a practice schedule and are hopeful you will come as often as your family schedule will allow. The more a swimmer is in the water, the more the swimmer will improve. We encourage you to come as often as you can, but we don’t kick swimmers off because they can’t get to the pool.

Q:  I heard your team is strict and pushes your swimmers very hard to a point that they might quit before they enjoy the sport.

A:  This is very wrong, we don’t push kids so hard that they quit. As swimmers progress, each level is more challenging.  Our 25 different group levels allow kids to progress at a pace that fits each individual emotionally and physically. Every swimmer is encouraged to work hard, set goals, and achieve rewards in a fun positive environment. 

Q:  Why is family commitment so important to your team and to this sport?

A:  This is a no brainer, why wouldn't you want to be involved with your child’s development, success, and happiness?  Your child needs your commitment and support through their challenges as well as their successes.  The best swimmers on our team, past, present and future all have families that support them and Sandpiper team philosophy; which, leads them to become responsible, self-motivated, confident, and successful adults.

Q:  Why should we join your team?

A:  Our team is the best choice for your child’s future.  Learning proper stroke technique, proper training, and the right mindset is so important and crucial in a swimmer’s early development. Our team has the best educated and experienced coaches, guided by Head Coach Ron Aitken with his USA Swimming Level 5 coaching credentials.  All coaches are certified through USA Swimming and required to maintain CPR, Coaches Safety and First Aid.  Not many teams in the world have this level of experience backing their programs.  Many try to copy what we do and make things easier on families; but, in the end offer less commitment to the sport.   Sandpiper history speaks for itself with a record of achievement and commitment to excellence.  Join the fun with Sandpipers and be part of an exciting and successful swim club.