Sandpiper Olympic Trial T-Shirts for Sale

Michael Kinross
Sandpiper Families and Friends... Are you ready for the 2021 Olympic Games? Seventeen Sandpiper swimmers are training to head to the U.S. Olympic Trials next month, in Omaha, Nebraska and eager to earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team. To show our Olympic Spirit the Sandpipers of Nevada are doing a Team T-shirt order. This is a great way to represent the entire team around our Las Vegas community and across the world, while supporting our hard working swimmers and coaches.
To order, fill out the Google Form:
**If you would like to support more than one swimmer, please fill BOTH Shirts. If you want to support more than 2 swimmers, you will have to fill out a 2nd Google Form.
The order deadline is Monday, May 17 @ 5:00pm
Price: $25.00 per shirt (total will be charged to accounts in good standing only)
On the form, you will be able to decide which Sandpiper you want to honor (# correlates to the order each swimmer qualified):
0. Pieroni
1. Sullivan
2. Gravley
3. Freeman
4. Hazan
5. Miller
6. Grimes
7. Gutierrez
8. Edlefsen
9. B. Becker
10. McDowell
11. Sims
12. Grimes
13. D. Becker
14. Kuwata
15. Dunford
16. Simons
17. Barrieault
21. SAND
 **Shirts may only have ONE NAME and ONE NUMBER combination. If you can't decide or don't know a swimmer competing, you can still support them by choosing "21 SAND"!  We will add to the list for any additonal qualifiers as we get them.
Thank you for supporting our team and our athlete's dreams as they prepare for the biggest stage in swimming!