5 New Team Records! Billy Gravley, Cody Miller, and Brennan Gravley break records in May. Most recently Brennan Gravley at the Memorial Day meet broke the 8 & under boys 100 meter freestyle record with a new time of 1:21.64. Billy Gravley set new records in the 1500 freestyle open & 15-16 division records with a new time of 16:49.12. Old record 16:58.00 was lowered by almost 9 full seconds and was held by former teammate Gianni Sesto. Cody Miller breaks long time records held since 1998 in the 17-18...

Brennan Gravley breaks 8 & under 100 meter freestyle team record with a new time of 1:22.88. Old record was held by David Miller with a time of 1:24.73 in 2008.

Sandpipers are one of more than 200 clubs that applied for this year’s 2009 USA Swimming Club Excellence Program. After calculating the FINA Power Points, our club finished as on of the Silver Medal clubs. Our teams overall performances for 2008 and our attendance at Olympic Trials in Omaha Nebraska has scored us 5,939 Fina Power Points. We have also qualified for a Grant up to $2500 which will go towards our UV system at Desert Breeze.