If your child can swim across the pool, and is ready to learn all 4 strokes and be introduced to competitive swimming, Stroke School by Sandpipers is the perfect next step for them. 


 Sandpipers has been teaching swimmers  for over 50 years in Las Vegas and is ranked by USA Swimming as the #3 swim club in the country and the #1 swim club in Las Vegas. All this makes Sandpipers of Nevada the perfect swim club for your child to develop their swim ability.




June 19th 8:30-10am @ Stone Sports Swim School


To schedule a new swimmer tryout, please email [email protected]


Your swimmer needs to be ready to enter the water at tryout with suit and goggles on the north end of the pool (look for tables with Sandpiper covers in the corner). Registration can begin at that time and is on a first come, first served basis.