Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup
-- October 8-10, 2021
-- Event Location: Lake Las Vegas, 20 Costa Di Lago, Henderson, NV 8901
-- Entries Open: Monday, August 16 at 12:00pm PST
-- Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 29 at 11:59pm PST
Welcome to the inaugural Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup, powered by Lake Las Vegas. This event is open to all USA Swimming registered athletes and clubs AND international qualifiers. It will also serve as the selection meet for the 2021-22 USA Swimming Open Water National Team.
Contact the Race Director, Michael Kinross ([email protected]) with questions.  This page will continuously be updated with information.

We STRONGLY advise staying at one of the two hotels that are located in Lake Las Vegas. We have set up great rates WITHOUT RESORT FEES! These properties and their proximity to the race course is ideal. There are numerous restaurants and shops in the area. Lake Las Vegas is located 30 minutes from the strip and the hotels do offer ride services if you are interested in visiting the Strip during your stay in Fabulous Las Vegas.
Block #1:
Hilton - Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa ( ~7 min. drive from race course)
1610 Lake Las Vegas Pkwy.
Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 567-4700
We have special rates setup for this event. You may book using the private group link (link to come), or calling 1-855-227-6800 and using the code  OPENWT . The cut off for reservations is Wednesday, September 29.
Block #2:
Westin (Marriott) Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa  (~5 min. drive from the race course)
101 Montelago Blvd.
Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 567-6000
We have special rates setup for this event. You may book using the private group link, or calling 1-800-937-8461 . The cut off for reservations is Tuesday, September 7.
**Please be advised. System will automatically show a $29 Resort Fee. Resort fee will be waived when booking with this group


E-MAIL #3 - Saturday, October 3
A few reminders as we are less than 3 days out from the start of the Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup:
  • MANDATORY Technical Meeting Thursday, 10/7 at 7:00pm PST
    • Held via Zoom
    • Meeting ID: 945 6197 9869
    • Passcode: 521775
    • The recording will be posted to the Event Page on the Sandpiper website
  • Updated Psych Sheet attached (V3)
  • Reminder to athletes to bring a chair to the venue. It will double as a place to store your stuff while you are racing
    • Teams that are flying to Las Vegas, we will have some chairs available for you
  • Teams may also bring tents if they wish to set them up in the team area. The wind can suddenly pick up with strong gusts, so be prepared to take them down each night or quickly during the day
  • The race course will be open to all athletes:
    • Thursday 3-6pm
    • Friday 3-5pm
    • Saturday 2-3pm
    • There will be a small crew of lifeguards on the course for Thursday's session only
    • Safety swim buoys are strongly recommended for these sessions
    • If athletes don't have safety swim buoys, coaches are required to paddleboard or kayak with their athletes
  • There will be a light hospitality all weekend for officials and lifeguards only. To-go breakfast and lunch will be available in the room in the southwest corner of the building.
Finally, this event wouldn't be possible without our presenting sponsor Lake Las Vegas and all of their entities. In addition to checking out the shops and restaurants, be sure to stop by:
  • Lake Las Vegas Water Sports is offering a special 20% promotion on all activities and equipment, including the water park you see by the Hilton when you are driving in Especially if you have siblings coming to the race, all families should take advantage of the beautiful Vegas weather and go enjoy the Water Park.
  • Bodyline Swim Shop will be on site selling some of the basics. Stop by the table at the entrance of the venue to check out the available gear.
  • Northwest Designs will also be on site selling Meet Apparel. Be sure to pick up your exclusive Open Water clothing!
See you all this weekend,
Coach Michael Kinross
E-MAIL #2 - Saturday, October 2
Welcome to the inaugural Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup!
The Sandpipers of Nevada and Lake Las Vegas are excited to host you all this weekend in Henderson. This email includes important information for you and your athletes, please read through it thoroughly. As is expected with any Open Water event, everything is subject to change. The latest information will be emailed and posted to the Event Page on our team website.

  • Schedule of Events for Thursday-Sunday
  • Psych Sheet V2
    • Events are seeded shortest distance to longest distance, LCM --> SCY
    • DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ENTRIES! Importing the entries from OME is always a little goofy. Look through your entries and make sure everyone is in the correct races, correct affiliation, etc.
  • Updated Venue maps - Including directions to the course, the area around the course, and the course itself
  • Pool and Race Course Availability information
  • Updated Race Information Packet
  • SAND COVID-19 Waiver
    • Required for all athletes, coaches, and officials who have NOT participated in a Sandpiper hosted event since September 2020
    • May be sent to me digitally or bring signed print out
Technical Meeting
All athletes and coaches are required to attend the technical meetings on Thursday, October 7 at 7:00pm PST on Zoom. Meeting times and Zoom codes are included in the Race Day Schedule attachment and shared below. Recordings will also be posted to the Event Page.
Masks Requirement
All athletes, coaches, officials, and event workers will be required to wear masks when inside the fenced area where we have our race headquarters. This is required regardless of your vaccination status. Athletes will be given a disposable mask at check-in to wear prior to the race. They will throw that mask away as they enter the water for their races. Athletes will then be given a new mask and a bottle of water upon finishing the race. This mask mandate includes any practice sessions on the lake.
Race Schedule Change
Due to a large number of entries, we opted to separate the Boy's and Girl's Junior races entirely vs running them 5 minutes apart. There are other adjustments to the previously posted estimated race schedule. The attached Race Day Schedule and Race Info reflects these changes.
Missing Entry Fees
Teams that opted not to pay via OME or have since made changes, please bring a check to cover your fees (made payable to Sandpipers of Nevada). I will contact those of you who still owe money in a separate email.
Check-in Procedure
The athlete check-in procedure will be outlined during the technical meetings on Thursday. Check-in will take place inside the building and will feed athletes out to the athlete area where they will keep their bags, be able to hang out, and enter the race course. Check-in will have two stations (split into several sub-stations to avoid lines):
  1. Positive check-in, wellness check, waiver collection (visiting teams), money collection (visiting teams), and receive athlete competitor card
  2. Nail check, suit check, numbering (with markers), and receive a disposable mask
    • We will have nail clippers available for athletes to use, but we encourage all participants to cut their nails before the race day.
  3. Free to go to athlete area and use warm up course
  4. Athletes are strongly encouraged to bring a chair for their belongings and somewhere to sit in the shaded athlete area. Team tents are allowed.
  5. Coaches will have a separate check-in to check Deck Pass and collect waivers
Feeding 7.5K & 10K Races
We will be using the dock located on the east side of the lake, opposite the start/finish area. The dock will only be available to people doing the feeding, not for spectators. The area will be closed for races not requiring feeding. Specific details will be outlined in the technical meeting.

All spectators will need to watch the races from the northeast side of the race course by the dam. You will need to drive there from the venue. Directions are outlined in the Venue Map attachment. Parents and spectators will NOT be allowed inside the fenced area.
When accessing the spectator viewing area, please drive no faster than 10 MPH! The entire area is an active home development site and we need to be mindful of kicking up dust. Signs will be posted about where specifically to park and sit to watch the race. We recommend bringing chairs to sit in. The area on the helipad and dock on the east side of the lake are off limits to us. Please respect our signage.

Final results from each race will more than likely not be official before check-in opens for the next race. Athletes and spectators are to clear out of the race course as soon as their race is over. Results will be posted to the Event Page and Meet Mobile (search: Las Vegas Open Water).

Pool and Race Course Availability
See the attachment for specific times the race course will be open for practice. The attachment includes local pool options as well. I recommend calling ahead to any of the pools prior to arriving.
Note that if you are practicing on the race, athletes need to wear swim safety buoys. If you do not have a swim safety buoy, a coach MUST accompany the athletes on a paddleboard or kayak. Both vessels will be available for coaches to use.

We are excited to host you all in Fabulous Las Vegas next weekend! Feel free contact me with any questions or issues,
Coach Michael
E-MAIL #1 - Monday, August 16
Hello Coaches, LSC Leaders, and Open Water Enthusiasts,
On behalf of the Sandpipers of Nevada, Lake Las Vegas, the City of Henderson, and USA Swimming, we are thrilled to formally invite you all to the inaugural  Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup. The race is officially sanctioned and open for entries as of August 16 at 12:00pm PST. Please thoroughly read through all of the information below.
The LV OW Champions Cup will serve as the selection meet for the 2021-22 USA Swimming Open Water National Team. It is also open to international athletes and clubs.
I have included a number of important files and links in this email. All of this information, and more, is available on the  Event Landing Page on the Sandpiper Team Website. We will be using that page to upload the most up to date information.
LSC/Zone Leaders: Pass this information along and post where it is appropriate to your clubs and coaches. It will be posted to the USA Swimming Event Page as well.
  • The Race Information packet is attached. It includes venue maps and the Sandpiper COVID waiver form
  • Entry information
    • Entries will only be accepted via OME
    • In order to have the proper event eligibility, we created separate OME pages for each race/division. Double check that you are entering the intended race when completing the OME.
    • The entry deadline is Wednesday, September 29 at 11:59pm PST
    • Payments can be made through OME or a check may be mailed to the address listed in the Race Information
    • If you have issues with OME, contact Macie McNichols ([email protected])
    • International athletes should contact Bryce Elser ([email protected]) to enter the event
  • Sandy Drake ([email protected]) will be our Meet Ref. Please contact her with any questions about officiating or the race itself.
  • The Elite 10K race will serve as the selection race for the 2021-22 US Open Water National Team. Contact Bryce Elser with National Team questions
  • At this time, we are not limited in the number of athletes we can have in each race. If the decision is made that we need to limit numbers, we will attempt to split races into heats accordingly. If we are forced to have hard maximum entry numbers, priority will go in order of date/time entries are received. Declined entries will receive a full refund.
  • Once entries are finalized, we will publish official race day schedules with check-in times & procedures, meetings, race start times, etc.
  • The race course will be open Thursday, October 7 for practice time. Specific times will be announced the week of the race. You can plan for a 2-3 hour window in the late afternoon/early evening.
  • A list of local pools for lap swim will also be provided
  • All coaches and athletes must have a COVID Waiver on file to be turned in at check-in. You may also send them digitally ahead of time to the race director, Michael Kinross
    • If an individual has previously competed in a Sandpiper hosted event since September 2020, they do not need to turn in a waiver.
Finally, if you have not already booked your hotels,  we strongly recommend taking advantage of the hotel blocks we set up for our visitors. There are only two hotels on property at Lake Las Vegas and we have great rates at both of those hotels with NO RESORT FEE. The hotel information is available on the  Event Landing Page.
We are looking forward to hosting you all in Fabulous Las Vegas. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Coach Michael Kinross

Special Thank You to our Sponsors: