Costs of being part of CSSC

There are various Dues, Fees, Obligations, and Costs that are part of being part of CSSC. All accounts are charged on the 1st of each month. Any unpaid balances will be assessed a late fee on the 21st of each month. Please mail checks to the PO Box (below). Checks received after the 20th of the month will be considered late. Additional Fees for any returned checks may also be applied. To Suspend an account Billing must be notified by the 20th of the prior month. Any notifications of suspension of account after the 20th will be charged 50% of the balance, and the remainder will be added to the account as a credit. IN THE 'MY ACCOUNT' SECTION YOU CAN SET UP RECURRING BILLING WITH A CREDIT CARD. 

1. USA Swimming Membership (Insurance and Liability for all CSSC practices, events, and competitions). This cost increases $1 each year. 2022 cost is $74. This will be charged to your account in your first month of joining. It will then be charged to the account each October.

2. Monthly Dues is the basic source of revenue for the club to pay for its Day-to-Day Operations.

Group Dues Length
"U10s" $115 monthly
"U12s" $115 monthly
"Fire" $165 monthly
"Senior" $185 monthly
"Gold" $185 monthly

3. Registration Fee: This fee is assessed once a year in September, or the first month that you join the swim club. This is $50 per swimmer and covers cost of Team Shirt, Swim Cap, and some of the Day-To-Day costs like the website.

4. Fundraising Obligation: We ask that each family raise $300 per year. This can be done in swim meet donations, Cash Donations, or through the Swim-A-Thon Event. Account will be charged unpaid amount in September. 

5. Service Hours: A large part of our budget is covered through the swim meets that we run. Our two big meets are in early December and on Memorial Day. We offer other meets depending on the year and the demand for meets. We ask that each family help with 20 Hours per year. Unmet hours are charged $25 per hour and will be charged to the account each September.

6. Timing Assignments at Away Meets: If a swimmer commits to a swim meet that is not hosted by CSSC. The family is asked to help time at the meet for one shift per day. Shifts are 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length. We ask that veteran families assist with extra shifts for those families who are at their first swim meet, but we ask that during a swimmers 2nd meet the parent takes a timing shift. Sign-Ups are done via the website or on deck in the team area. Fees may be assessed for not fulfilling timing responsibilities of up to $25 per shift.

7. Practice Equipment: All groups need Fins and Kickboard. Advanced swimmers also need paddles and inline snorkel. These costs can vary. Everything can be purchased at Conejo Swimworks in Thousand Oaks. Other Equipment you can purchase: Meshbag, Swim Bag, Team Parka, and Team Suit.

8. Swim Meets are highly encouraged. Swim Meets have additional Meet Fees that we charge to your account. Fees vary. A surcharge is a flat fee for a swimmer to participate. A Splash Fee is a fee that is a charge per event that they commit to swimming. There are No Refunds on any scratches after the entry deadline. Relay charges will be divided amongst the 4 participants of a relay.

Mailing Address:

Conejo Simi Swim Club

PO Box 1819

Thousand Oaks, CA 91358

Please make all checks payable to Conejo Simi Swim Club or CSSC