Hello, and thank you for your interest in Las Vegas Swim Club (LVSC)!  My name is Alana Dawidian, and I am the Tryout Coordinator for LVSC.  Every member and prospective member is important to us, so I am happy to answer any questions you may have along the way [email protected].  Below is some important information to review and consider in determining if your swimmer is ready for a tryout:

  • Tryouts are held once per month at Pavilion Center Pool.  You must register in advance by emailing me (see below) in order to participate.  A second tryout may be added for busy months.
  • All tryouts will be HIGHLY supervised
  • At the tryout your swimmer will be asked to swim in the deep end of the pool for a minimum of 200yards (8 lengths of the pool).  They will be given minimal rest between laps.
  • We offer introduction to competitive swimming, but we are not a learn to swim program.  Your swimmer should have at least basic knowledge of all 4 strokes and will be asked to perform them at the tryout.  Of course we don’t expect them to be perfect!  Some of the key things we will look for are breathing in freestyle, head position on all strokes, kick technique, and general comfort in the water.
  • We LOVE to spread passion for swimming to as many athletes as possible.  However, we will not overcrowd our lanes in practice, so tryouts are fairly competitive due to limited lane space.  We believe in giving swimmers as much individual attention as we can.  If your swimmer qualifies for a group that is at capacity, they may be placed on a wait list and will be given additional information about the wait list process after tryouts. 
  • There is no commitment required to attend a tryout

If you are not sure if your swimmer is ready, we recommend bringing them to a tryout in order to be evaluated.  All swimmers will receive an evaluation of their performance, and if they are not ready for club swimming yet, we will give you some options for more private instruction to help them bridge that gap.  You can also find more information throughout our website, including group descriptions on the Swim Groups tab.

To schedule a tryout, email me at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Swimmer’s Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Any Previous Swimming Experience
  • Have they tried out with LVSC before?
  • Reasons for Wanting to Join


I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your swimmer!



Alana Dawidian

Tryout Coordinator

Las Vegas Swim Club