Las Vegas Swim Club provides a graduated competitive swimming program based on age and ability in conjunction with the national age group program sponsored by USA Swimming, Inc.  LVSC offers a comprehensive program that satisfies the needs of novice swimmer to Olympic-hopeful athletes and is a member of the Southern California Swimming Association of USA Swimming (SCS). Swimmers are evaluated before joining our club and prior to moving into another swim group to ensure that they are placed in a group which allows them to develop at the appropriate pace.


Tryouts are held once per month at Pavilion Pool.  To schedule a tryout please contact our Tryout Coordinator at [email protected]. Please review the How to Join tab for further information regarding tryouts.

Green & White – Intro to competitive swimming for younger swimmers (generally 11 & Under) with minimal to no club experience. Swimmers will compete primarily in recreational meets, and some USA Swimming meets. White Group practices twice per week and is intended to be a bridge from “learn to swim” programs to competitive swimming. Green swimmers practice 3 times per week and have a little more experience.  Green and White swimmers are required to have knowledge of all four strokes and are able to swim multiple lengths of a 25 yard pool. There is a heavy focus on technique instruction for all four strokes along with a fitness component. Turns and dives are introduced.

BRONZE – For swimmers 11 and above, Bronze is intended to be a bridge to competitive swimming for swimmers with some swimming experience. Bronze swimmers will compete primarily in recreational meets and some USA Swimming meets; working to improve swimming skill and experience. Bronze swimmers are required to have knowledge of all 4 strokes and be able to swim multiple lengths of a 25 yard pool. Practices 4 times per week (plus additional on land training). Technique, fitness, coordination, flexibility, and endurance are all components of Bronze training.

SILVER – Highly committed Age group swimmers (generally 11 & Under) who are learning respect, dedication and hard work. The group practices 4 times per week (plus additional on land training). Silver is focused on legal technique of all four strokes, dives, turns, fitness, strength, and endurance training. Athletes in this group generally qualify for State and Junior Olympics (competitions with required minimum times by age).

GOLD 1 & GOLD 2 – 11+ swimmers with good commitment, club level experience/ability and skilled in all four strokes. Swimmers compete at USA Swimming meets and are progressing on the measures listed under “Group Movement” below.  Swimmers are working toward achieving State and CCS JO cuts. The Gold Groups practice 4+ times per week (plus additional on land training).  Technique, speed and endurance are stressed, along with refining of details such as starts and turns.

JUNIOR NATIONAL – Junior National swimmers are our most experienced and competitive swimmers at the age group level (generally age 10-14). The group requires strong commitment, behavior, maturity, potential, and ability. 10 & Under swimmers should have achieved multiple SoCal Spring JO time standards; 11+ should have multiple CCS JO cuts and be working towards SCS JO times. The group practices up to 6 times per week (plus additional on land training and occasional “doubles”).  They will compete in approximately one meet per month and qualify for State, Regional, and All Star competitions.  Technique, endurance, strength, power, and speed work are stressed every week.

PLATINUM – High caliber 14+ swimmers who are working to reach the next level in swimming and potentially swim collegiately. Strong expereince, commitment, and maturity required. The group practices 5+ times per week (plus additional on land training). Swimmers should have multiple Nevada State time standards and have or be working towards JO, Zones, and Sectional time standards.  Endurance, strength, speed, and power training complement continued technique work.

NATIONAL – National group is our most experienced and competitive group (generally age 14+).  The group practices 6+ times per week (plus advanced on land training), In addition to State and Regional competitions, swimmers qualify for Sectional and National competitions. There is also a focus on preparing swimmers to seek college admissions and scholarships. National swimmers train at high volume and intensity on all components of swimming and fitness.

National Group Requirements for Consideration listed here.


Movement between groups is determined by the swimmer’s current coach and the Head Coach. Parents AND swimmers with questions are encouraged to discuss progress and goals with the swimmer’s coach.  All of the following (not just “measurables” like age and time standards) are taken into consideration:

  • Respect/Sportsmanship
  • Commitment and Attendance
  • Practice Habits/Attitude
  • Maturity and Interaction with Others
  • Ability and Potential
  • Time Standards
  • Age