Swimming apparel and training supply’s can be purchased from our team supplier, Swim 2000 


SPECIAL TEAM SHIRTS click here to order (limited time, until Friday, October 02


For the items below please contact Julie Tellier directly tellierjulie@hotmail.com.  Additional items might be available so if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask Julie.

Team Cap

$10- $12



              Practice Suits

Female                                 $30

Male Jammer                       $30

Male Brief                             $25


          Racing/Meet Suits

Female                                 $65

Male Jammer                       $59

Male Brief                             $43



Team Sweatshirt                  $20

Team T-Shirt                        $10

Black T-Shirt                        $12


Deluxe Mesh Bag                $20

Mesh Bag                            $15

Goggles                               $15

Bungee Straps                       $5

Silicone Cap                         $12

Latex Cap                             $10


           Practice Equipment

Large Kickboard                  $13

Small Kickboard                   $11

Large Pull Buoy                   $12

Small Pull Buoy                   $10

Nose Plug                             $5