LVSC Newsletter

Carmine & Heather DiFulvio
Jan 14, 2019
LVSC Newsletter
January 14, 2019
Awards Banquet
Our 6 th Annual Awards Banquet is this Saturday at the Suncoast! We are excited to celebrate a great 2018 with our LVSC family! A few items to note, if you are attending the celebration:
  • Please fill out the stub on your tickets with swimmer names. We will have a few door prizes.
  • Please remember that swimmers need chaperones this evening and must be walked through the casino portion. Younger swimmers may need to be accompanied to the bathroom, since it requires walking through some gaming.
  • Doors open at 5:00. Dinner will be served at 5:30. We have lots of swimmers and we all know how they like to eat at a buffet! So if you plan to eat dinner, we recommend being there by 5:30.
  • We will have raffle tickets for sale at the beginning of the evening, but don’t dawdle, as we will close sales before we begin our program.
VGK Raffle
We are so excited for this raffle! Thanks to our swim family for not only buying tickets, but for selling tickets to friends and family. Good luck to everyone who purchased a ticket.
If you haven’t purchased a raffle ticket, board members will be in the lobby this week to sell them, starting tonight (Monday) 4:30-6:00. Tickets are $5 or 5/$20.
We will draw the winners at our Awards Banquet. In the event that they are not present, we will reach out by phone, based on the information on the raffle ticket. To ensure there is no conflict, we will have one of our younger attendees, who cannot read, pull the tickets.
February/March Meets
Our February/March meets are all qualifying meets. They are what you may have heard the coaches refer to as “target meets”, since it is the end of our Short Course season. Coach Pete is especially excited about our prospects at Central JOs, so hopefully everyone who qualified is attending that meet and has secured their hotel room (our guaranteed block is released today, so call ASAP if you haven’t!). As a reminder, we will need everyone on hand for timing at most of these events.
  • With a large portion of the team traveling for Central JOs, we will need everyone at DC Champs to step in to time. Many of our usual families who fill in the timing chairs will be in Fresno.
  • Even if your family has fulfilled your Family Contribution Hours, we will almost certainly need you. Remember, 11-20 hours in a season gets you 10% off the team store while 20+ will bring a 20% discount.
Travel Meets
  • A $25/swimmer travel fee is charged to all families, to help cover the travel costs of the coaches. The charge only applies to swimmers attending the meet.
  • Timing is required by all families who attend a travel meet.
  • We have 4 travel meets in the next 8 weeks – Central JOs, Sectionals, Allington Sr Meet, and Super JOs. Not all will assign us timing slots.
  • We do not always get the timing chair info in advance, so please check in with our timing coordinator (or a board member) at the beginning of the meet to ensure you have grabbed a slot. We will need timers for both prelims and finals at Central JOs.
  • If you are only there for specific days, please be sure to grab a slot for then, so everyone can enjoy cheering their swimmer and the entire LVSC team on. We will make every effort to ensure that no one is timing more than one slot per swimmer, but we need your help to accomplish that.
  • If you would like to do more to fill in hours, we will do our best to accommodate that.
Family Contribution Hours
Now is the time to start looking at your Family Contribution Hours to determine how many hours you may have left. The season ends on March 31, but most of our available hours will come from the February meets. Please double check what is already logged, so that corrections can be made prior to the season ending. (Allow a couple of days after a meet for those hours to be approved and uploaded.) Any unfulfilled hours will automatically be charged to your account on your April 1 billing and our LC season will begin.
Upcoming Meets
February 6 – Adelson Invite (White, Green, Bronze)
February 15-18 – Central Cal JOs (qualifying travel meet)
February 16-18 – Desert Committee Championships (qualifying local meet)
February 28-March 3 – CA/NV Sectionals (qualifying meet)
March 7-10 – Juanita Allington Sr Meet (qualifying meet for National)
March 14-17 – SCS “Super” JOs (qualifying meet for 14 & under)
Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all parents. If you have anything you would like to address with the board, contact Board President, Rene Carlsen, to add it to the next agenda. Meeting dates are listed on the website general calendar.
Important Dates
LVSC Awards Banquet – 5:00 PM, January 19, 2019 at the Suncoast