LVSC Newsletter

Carmine & Heather DiFulvio
Mar 27, 2019
LVSC Newsletter
March 27, 2019
Family Contribution Hours
Reminder that Short Course Family Contribution Hours ends this weekend. We will start our Long Course hours on April 1 st. If you were unable to fulfill your required 10 hours (prorated for first season ONLY), you will be billed $25/hour on April 1 st. All hours will reset to 10 on April 1 st. Long Course season runs April 1 – August 31 and includes loads of opportunities with our June meet and with Summer League! Remember, if you fulfill 11-20 hours, you will receive a 10% discount at the Team Store the following season. 21 or more hours will get you 20% off! And we also recently introduced our 50 for 50 incentive. So if you fill 50 hours in a season, you will receive $50 off your monthly dues for the following season.
End of Season Meets
Did you follow along with the progress of our swimmers at all of the taper meets in the last 6 weeks? We post highlights for all travel meets on Facebook. We had best times, high point winners and runners up, a 2 nd place team finish, the largest group we’ve ever sent to Sectionals, new Sectionals cuts and our first ever Futures qualifier! If you LIKE our page on FB, you’ll be able to follow along with all of the updates and highlights.
Board of Directors
Joan sent out an email informing everyone that Heather DiFulvio will step down from the board in April and Jennifer Hendrex will step down in June. The board has asked for letters of interest from members wishing to join the BOD. The deadline is Friday, April 12 th to submit letters of interest to Joan.
Did you submit your March Madness bracket? Hopefully, all of the 12 seed winners didn’t kill everyone’s chances. If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t worry. It’s a fun contest we do every year!
We also have monthly Restaurant Nights that can serve as both a social gathering and a fundraiser for the team! Remember, your friends and family can help the team out by going on Restaurant Night, too.
Summer League
We’re gearing up for another fun Summer League! Keep an eye out for information about how to participate. Traditionally, the LVSC Summer League team is open to current White, Green and Bronze swimmers. If space is available, we also invite siblings of current swimmers (and we’ve had quite a few make the club team after swimming Summer League!). There is an additional charge for Summer League.
LVSC JAG Last Chance Meet
We are quickly approaching our June meet! This is the biggest LVSC-hosted meet of the year, with all Desert Committee teams invited. It is a 2-day meet (June 8-9) and requires the help of all LVSC families. At other meets, parents volunteer for timing. At LVSC-hosted meets, we will need all of the other volunteers that make up a successful meet – Head timers, Admin, Hospitality, Runners, Check-in, Meet Set-up, etc. Be sure to mark the dates in your calendar so we can count on you to help out! There are jobs that you can do before the event, if you can’t help out during the actual meet. Your swimmer doesn’t have to be registered for that meet for you to gain some Family Contribution Hours (though we encourage all swimmers to register for this event). If you would like to volunteer to help plan an aspect of the meet, please reach out to the board. All hours dedicated to helping (including meetings and at-home planning) will count toward your FCH.
Upcoming Meets
April 6-7 – TRA Long Course Opening (open to all groups)
May 3-5 – Cinco de Mayo meet (Silver, Gold, Jr National, Platinum and National)
May 25 – Memorial Day meet (White, Green and Bronze – Saturday ONLY)
June 8-9 – LVSC JAG Las Chance Qualifier (Team hosted! Open to all groups)
June 12-16 – June Age Group (JAG) Championship (Qualifying meet)
Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all parents. If you have anything you would like to address with the board, contact Board President, Rene Carlsen, to add it to the next agenda. Meeting dates are listed on the website general calendar.
Important Dates
June 8-9 – LVSC JAG LCQ – Team Hosted and our biggest meet of the year! All hands on deck.