LVSC Newsletter

Deborah Parrales
Jul 23, 2019

Travel Meets:  We have 17 swimmers heading to Riverside this week to compete in the Southern California Junior Olympics. Next week we have 12 swimmers going to Western Sr. Zones in Clovis. Congratulations and good luck!

Pool Party:  On August 17thfrom 11:30-1:30 we will be having a pool party at the Pavilion Pool for our swimmers and their families. We will have food and open swim time. See attached flyer for more information.

End of Long Course Season:Our long course season will be ending on August 31st, and September 1stmarks the beginning of our short course season.  Our contribution hours are calculated by these seasons, we are required to do 10 hours each season. If you have just recently joined the team you may have a different requirement for your first season.  To check and see where you are with hours, log into your account under “Invoices and Payments” and then into “service hours” to see your balance.  If you are still in need of hours, don’t worry, we still have some opportunities for you to earn them.  

1. You can volunteer to time at the upcoming Summer League All-Stars Meets, the signup is on the website. 

2. We will be posting a job signup soon for next month’s Pool Party soon. 

3. You can volunteer in our team store. When the email comes out announcing that the store will be open that day, you can just show up and tell Judianne you want to help out.

The hours our parents work is crucial to the success of this team. Thank you so much for your contributions! 

New Apparel: Come by our team store and check out our new LVSC apparel! 

Upcoming Events:

Summer JO’s: July 24-July 28

Western Sr. Zones:July 30-August 3

Summer League All-Stars Session 1: August 1

Summer League All-Stars Session 2: August 3

August 2nd–last day of practice until August 14th

LVSC End of Summer Pool Party: August 17th