LVSC Newsletter

Deborah Parrales

Now that we are returning to planning meets and fundraisers it is time to resume the LVSC monthly newsletters. I want to begin with acknowledging the recent departure of our long-time board member Elise Hawkins. One of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, Elise has given the team countless hours of her time over the years. Her record keeping skills and attention to detail made her an amazing treasurer. The systems she put in place as our meet and travel coordinator are what earned LVSC its reputation as one of the most organized teams in SoCal Swimming. She is reluctantly leaving us as her swimmer, Alyssa, starts her new journey off to college. Elise will be remembered and greatly missed by this team. Thank you for your service Elise!


Board of Directors: We are fortunate to have Barry Bulow, a financial controller, stepping into the treasurer position. Dyana Jones, who briefly served on our board, stepped down last spring due to her swimmers leaving the team. We are currently accepting letters of interest for our Board of Directors. In the previous email, I stressed the desire for fundraising skills. I want to clarify that doesn’t mean you necessarily need experience organizing huge fundraisers. Someone who just likes to plan events (I know we have some of those!) will fill our void nicely. Also, feel free to present other skills that you have that our team could benefit from. This is your board, what do you think we need?  Letters of interest are due Tuesday November 10th.

These are the current members of the Board of Directors:

Barry Bulow – Treasurer

Rene Carlsen-President

Alana Dawidian – Treasurer

Deborah Parrales –Secretary

Kyle Yacoben- Vice President


Fundraising: A big thank you to Julie Tellier for facilitating the T-shirt fundraiser which raised $1,013.50! This money is being put towards the extra pool fees we are currently paying while experiencing a decrease in membership. Note that this is not how fundraising money is normally used. Our monthly member dues are used to cover pool fees and the coaches’ salaries. Fundraising money is normally used to pay for coaches’ travel meet costs, our annual banquet, swimmer ribbons and awards, qualifier shirts and caps, the group socials and other various operating costs. Due to the pandemic, we have not had an opportunity to provide many of these things, but better days are coming starting with our upcoming meets in Utah. Hopefully we can look forward to many more opportunities for our swimmers in the next several months and we want to be ready for them as that happens. Recently I sent out information regarding our pie fundraiser. Money received from this fundraiser would be put towards travel meets and the other activities mentioned above. Previously I sent out the brochure from “Unlimited Pies” as well as an order form. If you would like a printed out copy I would be happy to get one to you, just email Deborah at [email protected].


Hours: A reminder that we are not currently charging for volunteer hours. Opportunities, as well as a small amount of need, for volunteers will be occurring now and then, but not enough to have any kind of requirement in place. All volunteer hours will still be recorded and applied to your account when the requirement resumes.


Masks: Please continue to wear masks, have you swimmers wear masks, and remember to social distance outside of all facilities. With the reopening of youth sports there will be increased scrutiny and increased risk for being shut down. We don’t want that!


Welcome New Members! We are so excited to have you join our team and we are so sorry if it doesn’t feel that way because of all this social distancing. We are a very friendly team and we normally have a more welcoming system in place. If you have any questions or concerns you can start by emailing Deborah at [email protected], or else continuing to communicate with Alana at [email protected] as some of you have probably been doing.


Upcoming Events: We finally have some!


T-Shirt Pick Up- 10/19-10/21 **Check the schedule just emailed to you**

SUSA Meet in Utah (Silver, Gold 1&2, Jr. National and Platinum) – 10/30-10/31

Sand Pumpkin Meet in Utah (National) – 10/31-11/1

Pie money and orders due- 11/6

Board letters of interest due- 11/10

Pie delivery- 11/20

Muni Meet for all LVSC swimmers (Tentative date 11/21)