LVSC Newsletter

Deborah Parrales

Hello! Sorry for such gaps in between newsletters, we’ve just been a little short on news lately.


New Board Members I would like to start by introducing our two new board members, Caron Olsen and Ryan McCarthy. We are so lucky to have these two amazing individuals working for our team.


Pie Fundraiser Thank you to everyone who participated in the Pie Fundraiser. We made a little over $600.00. We appreciate everything you do to help the team!


Annual Awards I know this past week many have been feeling the absence of the Annual Awards Banquet. Hopefully we will be able to resume it next year. For now, we would like to recognize all our swimmers for getting through this past difficult year.  We have a plan to have small swim group gatherings sometime in mid-March, where each swimmer will receive a small award from their coach. Prior to that, we will have a virtual presentation of the swimmers put together by former LVSC swimmer Alyssa Hawkins and organized by Caron Olsen. Please read the following message from Caron explaining what we need from parents to ensure that all the swimmers are represented in this project:

“The kids love to see pictures of themselves, and this year more than ever we need your help. Please send pictures and videos of your swimmers doing what they do best…. representing LVSC! Yes, there were fewer swim meets…but there were plenty of virtual workouts, virtual team challenges, dryland workouts and creative swims. We want to see how our LVSC swimmers made the best of COVID-19. Please share your favorite photos and videos. Submissions must be received by February 14th to be included in the presentation.”

There are two options for sharing your photos and videos:


Shutterfly via LVSC website

Photo albums have been created. Be sure to tag your swimmer’s name.

Email [email protected] Subject line must include your swimmer’s group and name.

Questions about presentation may be directed to [email protected]


Custom Swim Caps Don’t miss out on the custom swim caps, your swimmer will be so mad at you! You choose their first name, last name, or a favorite nickname.  The electronic order form went out in a recent email. Once completed send the order form to [email protected] by February 6th.  If you need the order form resent then you would request it from the above email as well.