Meet Entry:

On the home page click on the ‘Events’ tab then click on the meet you are entering.

Once you have opened the page for the meet there will be a brief description of the meet, date of the meet, deadline to enter the meet and if any travel fees apply to this meet. Also on this page is the link to open the Meet Information form. The Meet Information form will show what events are offered, what days they are on, meet entry fees and other general but important information.

After you have thoroughly reviewed the meet information follow these directions to enter the meet:

  • Click on ‘Attend this Event’.
  • Click on your swimmers name to enter.
  • From the pull down menu declare yes or no on attending the meet then click on 'Save Changes'.
  • If you are attending the meet the events your swimmer are eligible to enter will be listed along with times.  Your coach will enter your swimmer in their events.
  • At the meet deadline the head coach will approve all entries and then send the entry list to the meet admin officer.  Once this is complete you are responsible for all meet fees whether your swimmer attends the meet or not.


The meet sign up deadline will be listed within the meet information. 

Meet Entry Fees:

Meet fees are determined by SCS. Generally members will pay a fee for each event entered and a per swimmer surcharge. After the entry deadline has passed entry fees can not be refunded and members are responsible for the fees whether the swimmer(s) compete or not.

At the Entry Deadline meet fees are payable and will be invoiced to the member's account.  Meet fees are paid directly to the team by check, credit/debit card.  For members who have set up their team account with automatic payment your meet fees will be paid automatically at the beginning of the month along with any other dues/fees.  If you have not set up your account for automatic payment then you must pay your meet fees before the first day of the meet.

Meet Travel Costs: 

All costs associated with travel to and from swim meets, overnight accommodations and meals are the responsibility of the swimmers and their families.

Relay Entry Fee’s:

The coaching staff will enter any and all relays.  With the exception of championship level meets, relay fees are paid by the team. If for any reason a swimmer is a no show for a relay and as a result that relay does not compete the absent swimmer’s account will be charged for all fee’s and/or fines associated with that relay

Scratching of Events:

It is at the coach’s discretion whether or not to allow a swimmer to scratch from non-championship events. Swimmers and parents are not allowed to scratch any swimmers event.

Coaches will not scratch swimmers from a championship finals session or event except for serious and extenuating circumstances.  At no time is a swimmer allowed to scratch a finals event without the Head Coach’s approval. Prior to the last day of competition any swimmer that qualifies for finals, does not scratch and is a no show for finals that swimmer will be disqualified from any further competition. On the last day of competition any swimmer that qualifies for finals, does not scratch and is a no show for finals that swimmer will be assessed a fine by Southern California Swimming.  Depending on the circumstances for the no show PDSC may also impose a fine of not less than $50.00. All fines for missing a finals event are the responsibility of the swimmer’s family and if assessed will be payable before the swimmer may enter another meet.