Swim Meet Guidelines


As a United States Swimming (USS) team affiliate, we regularly compete at USS sanctioned swim meets.  If this is your first time attending a USS meet with Evolution, please read our swim meet guidelines:

1.     We will auto-enroll your swimmer for swim meets that he/she qualifies for unless you have heard otherwise from our coaching staff.  It is up to YOU to let us know if your child cannot compete or can only compete on certain days.  You can do this by logging into your account and manually entering this information before the deadline.  We will announce the deadline for every meet and give you plenty of time to decline a swim meet.  Once that deadline has passed, our coaches will enter your child based on parameters and you will be responsible for meet entry fees. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2.     A few days before a swim meet, our coaching staff will send out meet information in PDF format.  The information will include warm up times, timing chair assignments, swim meet timeline and event entries.  We will have a swim meet coordinator that will assign timing chairs. It is your responsibility to communicate with the swim meet coordinator if you cannot make a swim meet and will not be able to volunteer. 

3.     When attending a swim meet, please dress according to weather.  Swimmers will be required to dress in team sweats and t-shirts.  Swimmers are also required to compete in EVO Team swimsuits and EVO Team caps. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4.     Please make sure that you attend the correct session:

Session 1 and 3 are generally for 10 and under swimmers and will start at 9:00 AM.  Swimmers will generally need to arrive by 7:45 AM for stretching and team warm up. 

Session 2 and 4 are generally for swimmers 11 years and up.  Swimmers should start to arrive by 11:30 AM for stretching and warm up.  The afternoon session usually starts at 1:00 PM. 

Each swim meet will have instructions for warm-up and age-group breakdown by session.  

5.     When you arrive at the meet, the first thing you should do is check your swimmer in at the check-in desk.  If you do not know where that is, please ask a meet official.  The meet volunteers will check swimmers in and let them know what events they are swimming.  You must do this on both days of the swim meet.  This is considered “positive check-in.”

6.     Once you have checked your swimmer into the meet, please check in with your swimmers coach.  Please look to sit with our EVO families if at all possible.  We will provide EZ Up tents for the team.

7.     Make sure that your swimmer checks in with their coach before and after each race.  The coaches will remind swimmers of race technique and strategy one last time before they swim!

8.     Your swimmer should get in the habit of warming down after each event.  Rule of thumb is that your swimmer warm down at least twice the length of the event in which they participated in.  For example, if your swimmer swims the 50 freestyle, your swimmer should warm-down at least a 100 freestyle.  In almost all cases, warm down is conducted using the freestyle stroke.

9.     Pack light snacks for your swimmer.  Fruit, granola bars, waters, Gatorade make for great snacks between events. Stay away from dairy!

10.   At the end of each day, pick up your area and all of your belongings.  Please be sure to check in with your child’s coach before leaving the pool area to make sure that your child is not entered in a relay as most relays are not made up in advance.

*Any ribbons that have been won throughout the meet will be picked up by coaches and distributed the Monday following the swim meet.

Enjoy the swim meet experience!  It will create many wonderful memories and friendships.  Go EVO!