Evolution Racing Club Year-Round Team

Philosophy: We are here to meet and exceed the expectations of our members. We realize that although we are primarily a competitive swim team, that we are also here to serve the needs of our less competitive swimmers. If you want to swim, regardless of competition, we have a place for you.

Culture: We want to create a culture where the team is greater than its parts. Where being a Gator means being a Gator from start to finish. Where being a EVO means being present, through the good and the bad. Enjoying and celebrating the good and coming together to find solutions that are good for the greater whole, during the bad. Every team has its ups and downs but ultimately, the resolve of a team will always depend on its unity and its willingness to stick together at all times.  We share a common goal and that’s for our kids to be happy and successful.

Anti-Bullying: We have clear and defined protocol for bullying. We have zero tolerance for it. We consider EVO a safe zone where bullying is not tolerated and will be dealt with immediately. If you hear something, please let us know. Your identity will be kept anonymous. This topic is more important today than it’s ever been. Let’s keep our children safe and let’s continue to make this a place where our kids can feel safe and secure at all times.

Training Groups: Each group has its description and those descriptions will continue to evolve until we are confident that we are meeting the needs of all of our members. If you ever have questions about our groups, please ask us.