Welcome and thank you for joining our EVO Family!

Evolution Racing Club has experienced many exciting changes over the last five years.  Our team has grown, our locations have multiplied, and our coaches have more experience than ever.  In Addition, the variety of programming and training we offer will be sure to appeal to all levels of commitment.

The Evolution Racing Club is primarily a competitive swim team. However, we recognize that swimming provides an array of additional advantages for swimmers. Swimming promotes good health and healthy habits while giving swimmers a lifetime sport or recreation activity. Competitive swimmers master self-control and mental tenacity as they endure success and disappointment on a regular basis, sometimes all in one day.  They learn to work hard and preserver and gain confidence as their efforts pay off. 

There are also many opportunities to practice being a team player, to make friends, and have fun. At the Evolution Racing Club, we like to keep our eye on all these interests, along with preparing our swimmers to compete. 

Specific to training, we believe that quality takes precedence over quantity. By focusing on the fundamentals through effective, high-intensity, lower yardage workouts, we build better swimmers. Further, we emphasize development of all four strokes in the age-group years, rather than seeing a swimmer as an expert in one or two strokes. As a result, we believe this will give them the best chance of success in age-group swimming and beyond.

Developing a team we can all be proud of is a partnership between EVO and our swimmers. In and out of the water we trust our swimmers to:

  • Respect parents, coaches, teammates, officials, and swimmers from other teams
  • Exhibit sportsmanship at practice and swim meets
  • Take responsibility for their words and actions, their successes, and failures
  • Always do their best, whether practicing or competing

Philosophy: Our goal is to meet and exceed our members’ expectations. Although we are primarily a competitive swim team, we are also here to serve the needs of our less competitive swimmers. We have a place for ALL swimmers, regardless of their level of competition.

Culture: We want to create a culture where teamwork is more important than individual performance. Being an EVO swimmer means being present, from start to finish, through good and bad. Embracing the good and finding solutions that are good for the greater whole during the bad.  Despite its ups and downs, a team’s resolve depends on its unity and willingness to always stick together.  Our shared goal is for our kids to be successful and happy!

Anti-Bullying: We have clear and defined protocol for bullying. We have zero tolerance for it. We consider EVO a safe zone where bullying is not tolerated and will be dealt with immediately. If you hear something, please let us know. Your identity will be kept anonymous. This topic is more important today than it’s ever been. We must keep our children safe and ensure that this is a place where they feel comfortable and secure.

Training Groups: Evo will continue to develop each groups’ description until we are confident that we are meeting the needs of all our swimmers.  

To ensure everyone stays on the same page, we would like to maintain open forms of communication.  It is our pleasure to welcome suggestions.  We highly encourage you to use our website for the common daily questions regarding schedules, fees, programs, etc.  If you have a question that isn’t answered on our website, please let us know and we will add it.  

In the meantime, if you have an unanswered question or suggestion, please feel free to reach out to:

Felipe Delgado at [email protected]  and/or

Cynthia Kullberg at [email protected]