Evolution Racing Club - Our Philosophy


The Evolution Racing Club is primarily a competitive swim team. However, we recognize that swimming provides an array of additional advantages for a swimmer. It advances good health and healthy habits while swimmers acquire a lifetime sport/recreational activity. Swimmers learn to work hard and persevere, and gain confidence as they see their efforts pay off. Competitive swimmers cope with success and disappointment regularly, sometimes all in a day, teaching them self-control and mental tenacity. There are also many opportunities to practice being a team player, to make friends, and have fun. At the Evolution Racing Club, we like to keep our eye on all of these interests, along with preparing our swimmers to compete.

Specific to training, we are of the opinion that quality takes precedence over quantity. We build better swimmers by concentrating on the fundamentals of the sport, and working to perfect those basics, through effective, high intensity, lower yardage workouts. Further, instead of seeing a swimmer as an expert in one or two strokes, we emphasize development in all four strokes for all swimmers during the age-group years. We believe that this will best prepare them to succeed at age-group swimming and beyond.

We believe our swimmers partner with us in developing a team we can all take pride in. We view EVO swimmers as ambassadors for our team. We expect them to conduct themselves as such, both in and out of the water. We trust our swimmers to:

  • Respect parents, coaches, teammates, officials, and swimmers from other teams
  • Exhibit sportsmanship at practice and swim meets
  • Take responsibility for their words and actions, their successes and failures
  • Always do their best, whether practicing or competing