Evolution Swim Club - Programs Offered

We have a variety of programs offered to satisfy every commitment level. We believe that offering opportunities that will satisfy the needs of all of our members is key to the development and growth of our program and of our athletes. 

Year-Round Swim Team: The year-round Swim Team is perfect for families that would like to swim on a year-round basis while having access to participate in up to 5 swim practices per week. These families tend to have more flexibility in their schedules and like to have access to all workouts without restriction. This program also includes optional swim meets (average 1 per month) and commits to the following: 

  • $225.00 swim team registration (includes 2 team t-shirts and 4 swim caps)
  • $77.00 USA Swimming registration

Year-Round Flex Program: The year-round Flex Program is designed for families that would like to select two swim days per week to fit in with other activities throughout the week. The two days can be adjusted at any time if something changes in your schedule. This beginner program is perfect for those families that want to swim year-round but would only like to commit to a max of two days, while also having the option to attend swim meets. A family can upgrade to year-round swim team at any time. By joining this program, families will be committing to the following: 

  • $225.00 swim team registration (includes 2 team t-shirts and 4 swim caps)
  • $77.00 USA Swimming Membership

*Paid before the season starts and is non-refundable
**Flex Membership allows a swimmer to participate in 2 swim meets per season. 


YEAR-ROUND TEAMS train at the following pools

Nellie Gail & Ladera (Must be a Ladera Resident)

Navy 1 Flex Practice-1 hour $185 per month

Navy 2 Flex Practice 1 1/2 hours $200 per month

Navy 3 (M-Th) 1 1/2 hours $225 per month

Orange 1 (M,T,Th,F) 1 1/2 hours $225 per month

Orange 2 (M,T,Th,F) (Saturday @ Nellie Gail) 2 hours $250 per month

Santa Margarita

Orange 3 (M-Sat) 3 hours $300 per month

National Team (M-Sat) 3+ hours $350 per month



Evolution offers a Fall, Spring and Summer Seasonal option for novice swimmers.