The Fine Print:

Gators Swim Club

2020-2021 Registration Fees
Every swimmer that participates on the year-round program or the year-round Flex program must pay a $150.00 team registration fee. This is a yearly fee charged August 1st of each year. If a swimmer joins the Club after the start of the season, the registration fee will only be pro-rated after March 1st. 
The registration fee covers administrative fees not covered by monthly dues.

USA Swimming Registration
USA Swimming offers an insurance policy that every member of every team must have. The cost of the insurance policy is $75.00 for the 2020-2021 season. This insurance policy covers any incident/accident that may take place during practice or during a swim meet. This insurance policy does not depend on whether a swimmer participates in swim meets or not, it is dependent on if a swimmer participates in organized practices with a USA Swimming affiliate Club. 

Swim Meets
Our Local Swim Committee (LSC) is Southern California Swimming and all swim meets that take place in Southern California, up to and including the Junior Olympic swim meet is governed by Southern California Swimming (SCS) rules. Age-group swim meets carry a per-event fee of $4.00 and any LSC championship meet may carry a per-event fee between $5.00-7.00. Every swim meet also carries a surcharge that can be up to $20.00 per swimmer. Travel swim meets will carry an additional fee of up to $65.00 per swimmer to cover team travel expenses. 

Volunteering and Fundraising Expectations
Gators Swim Club requires that families volunteer up to 20 hours per season.  We offer many opportunities for families to volunteer, including swim meets & team events. We will be hosting various swim meets throughout the season and we need to count on all of our families to assist. At swim meets, families may be asked to time a one-hour shift. This does not count towards volunteer hours as it does count to assure the success of the swim meet that we are attending. We value each volunteer hour at $25.00. Families that choose NOT to volunteer will be assessed a charge of up to $500.00 for the swim year, calculated for the number of hours they choose not to volunteer. 

Gators Swim Club hosts a yearly Swim-A-Thon to raise funds. These funds are used to cover additional costs not covered by monthly dues. These costs include continuing education for coaches development, the purchase of new dryland equipment, rising rental fees and travel expenses associated with travel meets. 

Notice to Exit the Program
To exit Gators Swim Club you must send your request via email to [email protected] and it must be done by the 25th of the final month of participation. There are no refunds once we process monthly billing.