Puma Aquatics is proud to be sponsored by Arena!  Below is a list of gear that you can order directly from Elsmore Swim Shop (Fresno), our Arena dealer!

Does your swimmer need equipment to get "up and running" for the season?  Or does your swimmer need replacement gear.  Our friends over at GH Sports have you covered.  Just let them know what group you swim with (Cubs, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Junior, or Senior) and they can help you find the equipment the Puma Aquatics Coaches recommend and suggest for your swimmer.

Also, Puma Aquatic branded apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts & jackets, and headware) may also be purchased locally from J.Carroll, see below.



Garrett Long @ (805) 428-9447


  • male & female suits
  • goggles
  • fins
  • kick boards
  • paddles/pull bouy/swim snorkel
  • swimming backpacks & mesh bags for wet gear
  • swim parka
  • At checkout, if you let the cashier know you are part of Puma Aquatics, then they will apply a 20% discount to your purchase


Moira Orsi @ (559) 435-4898 


  • Arena Team Suits (preferred for swimming in meets)
  • Arena Team Parka
  • Arena Team Warm-Ups (jacket & pants)
  • Arena Team Swimming Backpack
  • wet bags (for your wet swimming gear)
  • goggles/fins/kick boards/pull buoys/paddles/snorkels
  • caps (Coaches have Puma caps [latex & silicone] on deck at meets)



Michelle Murphy @ (805) 595-1000


Call to place an embroidered Puma Aquatics gear order!

  • Polo Shirts
  • Sweatshirts & Jackets
  • Headware
  • They can also embroider any Puma gear you may already own!

Order from the Puma Aquatics web store HERE at any time.