Cuesta Winter Registration Link is open, USA Swim Registration. KCF Pool temp

Puma Aquatic Swim Club

Hello Puma,

Cuesta Update

Great news! The Winter Cuesta registration link is now available. You can go to the Cuesta Community Programs website or click HERE  Programming begins Monday January 30th.

USA Swimming Registration/Insurance

It is required by USA Swimming for all members of club teams to be registered with USA Swimming. All active Puma swimmers are required to have a USA swimming membership to participate in practice as well as swim meets. I will send all active accounts a link to register. Once your receive the link, parents/guardians must first set up an account and then add their swimmer/member. If you are asked what your swimmer's USA Swimming ID is, please login to your Puma account and click on your swimmers name. Their ID can be found on this page. If you are asked which LSC you swim for it is Southern California Swimming and the abbreviation is CA.  Our club code is: PUMA.  Please do not delay in registering your swimmer(s) as we don't want this to be the reason your child is not able to swim at practice or at swim meets. We recommemd for first time registrations to click on the "Flex" membership which is only $20 per year. If you know your child will participate in more than 2 meets this coming year please choose the "Regular" membership. Thank you for taking care of this important task.

Kennedy Club Fitness Pool Temperature

As many of you are aware, the pool temperature at the KCF pool has been lowered to 75 degrees. This temperature has been flucuating this week from 73-76 degrees. It is much cooler than the ideal swim workout temperature of 79-81 degrees. Our staff has desiged workouts to help keep the kids as warm as possible. I met with Nate, the Aquatic Director, and he assured me that this is a temporary measure to help curb the current high gas rates. His estimate is that the pool will be back up to 78 degrees in 2-3 weeks. Below is a copy of the memo that Kennedy Club has posted and sent to members: 

Attention Members:

Due to historical natural gas pricing, we regret to inform you that we are lowering our outdoor pool temperature company wide from 79-78 degrees to 75 degrees. We are paying 3 times what we normally pay, and it is having a huge impact on us financially. 

However, at this time the AG outdoor pool and Atascadero's indoor pool will remain the same until further notice. 

Hopefully this is a temporary issue.


Brett Weaver

COO Kennedy Club Fitness