Coach Geno - CO Head Coach


I have been involved in the sport of swimming since I was 5 years of age, both Competitively & Professionally in some capacity. I am very passionate about the sport of Swimming and the Aquatic Industry as a whole. 
I have returned back home to the United States of America, after nearly 20 years abroad working as Nationally Accredited Assistant & Head Swim Coach, Aquatics Director, & Aquatic Business Owner. 
I have had the privilege to travel the world, doing what I Love. I’ve worked in countries such as: US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, & Asia +. I am/have been the Owner/Director of my own Swim School & Swim Club in Auckland New Zealand & Australia.
I’ve had the pleasure to be able to work with those who just do it for Fun, Fitness & Rehabilitation to Learn to Swim to the Youngest Age Group ~ Still/Open Water ~ Mainstream ~ Para/Multi-class ~ National & Olympic level Athletes & Coaches alike.
I suppose you could say Swimming has been/is My Love, My Life, & My Passion!!!! Wanting to make sure that all Adults & Children know and understand the Value & Importance of Water Safety as well as How to Swim or if for no other reason than Survival. 
Whatever I Do, I Do with Passion!! I am not Afraid, I was Born for This!!
Raleigh G. Young Jr.(Coach Geno)