Coaches Review for TSM & Torrance Meet

Val Bagri
Santa Monica Swim Meet
This was an absolutely amazing meet!!! We had tons of first timers, parents and athletes. We as Coaches got to see how the training we had in place would come together.
At this meet the senior swimmers swam the 200 Fly & the 400 IM as the 2 team events in this meet.
We did a lot of work for both those swims leading into the season opener. we are pleased with the overall results from the TSM meet.
We had a few technical DQ’s that we have and will continue to address.
Overall this was a very good meet for us as the Royal Swim Team. Lots of Pb’s + a few fun relays was awesome to see the kids racing as a team!!!
HERE is Santa Monica meet results
It was great to have more new swimmers join us in racing at this meet. We got to see the Team; parents and athletes come together and pull off an overall great meet.
Thanks to the parents for making sure the time keeping slots were sorted. As well as making sure the athletes checked and came to coaches before races.
We had a few more technical DQ’s at this meet as well. Mostly the same as from TSM, so we are in the repair stages.
Overall, over both days. Pre~Team and Bronze had a wonderful day of racing with pretty good results and seemed to me, they were having fun as well!!
For the 2nd & 3rd Sessions Silver and Up, This was an interesting meet from my POV.
Overall, really amazing swims, some great racing, accompanied by wonderful results.
There were WAG times achievements, Club records broken.
We are proud of the results coming out of this meet and focused and ready for the work ahead as well move through this season.
We are heading in the right direction, let’s just pick up the pace and keep it passionately & progressively moving forward, in the direction of Success!! 
HERE is Torrance meet results.