Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I find information about the various swim groups?

A: Click on the 'Age Groups' tab. There you will find details on each group along with their workout schedule and monthly fees.

Q: What is a swim evaluation?

A: The evaluation is to determine an athlete's current swim ability so he/she can be placed in the proper group. All four strokes will be evaluated. Your swimmer should come prepared to swim with a suit, goggles, and a cap (or long hair tied back). 

Q: It appears there are a lot of swim practices offered. Is it mandatory to attend every practice?

A: No. Absolutely not. SBSC is a flexible, athletic organization. Members are welcome to set up a practice attendance schedule that works best for their own lifestyle. Athletes who want to have a successful swimming experience tend to participate with greater frequency. But this is a personal choice based upon personal goals.

SBSC recognizes many families want to pursue a variety of athletic, academic, and social activities. We don't want families to feel they need to choose between swimming and another activity. Swimming is offered as a year-round sport, so we will always be at the pool coaching swimmers. We completely understand and support team members who have other interests.

Q: Are swim competitions mandatory?

A: No. Swim meets are not mandatory, but they are fun and a great way to get "in" to the sport. Coaches use swim meet participation to evaluate athletes when considering move-ups to the next group. Some groups, like Advanced Age Group, require consistent participation at swim meets in order to be a member of the group.

Q: Are there financial obligations?

A: Because Santa Barbara Swim Club is a non-profit organization, fundraising is a crucial component to our ongoing success! SBSC requires an annual club support contribution of $225/family. There are many ways to offset club support, including business sponsorship and SCRIP purchasing. 

Swim meets are also an additional charge and vary in cost per meet. These fees go towards Southern California Swimming and the hosting swim team.

Q: Do we need to volunteer at swim meets?

A: Yes. The majority of the swim meets we attend are hosted by other teams. We are assigned timing lanes based on the number of swimmers our club has entered in the meet. Parents must sign up to time for each day/session their athlete is swimming.

Although it looks intimidating, timing is very easy! And you have the best seat in the house to watch the swimmers compete. 

For the meets Santa Barbara Swim Club hosts (usually 2 - 3 per year), it is ALL HANDS ON DECK. There are a variety of jobs available and it is a great opportunity to meet other families on the team.

Q: Is your program year round?

A: Yes. We have both short and long course season.

Q: What is your leave of absence policy?

A: Leaves of absence will be granted for periods exceeding 30 days. We do not offer proration for a partial month leave of absence. Full payment during vacations or leaves of less than thirty days is expected. Club support obligation will remain in effect during a leave of absence. Proration of club support may be considered for leaves longer than 3 months (90 days). All leaves must be requested in writing or via e-mail by the 15th of the month prior to the month you plan to take leave. You must receive a confirmation prior to the first day of the month in which the leave commences. All invoices must be paid in full prior to your leave of absence.