Mission Statement: The mission of SOCAL Aquatics is to create a safe and supportive environment that will enable every athlete to reach their potential; both in swimming and in life.

Start-up Fees

1)      SOCAL Registration Fee

2)      USA Swimming Registration Fee

3)      Monthly Tuition

Tuition dues are paid on an 12-Month schedule (September thru August). Full dues are entering the water 2 separate workouts in a month.

SOCAL Registration Fee

All SOCAL swimmers must pay an administrative fee of $100 each time they join or re-join the team. This must be paid prior to the swimmer entering the water, and is nonrefundable. Additional family members pay $50.

USA Swimming Registration Fee

The annual fee is $70 and is paid through SOCAL Aquatics to USA Swimming, which is the governing body of amateur swimmer. This is a mandatory fee, and covers both administrative and insurance costs. SOCAL Aquatics forwards your entire payment directly to USA Swimming, and collects no processing fee. Athletes who are approved for the USA Outreach Program qualify for a registration fee of $7. SOCAL Aquatics will collect the coming year's USA Registration Fee in our fall Annual SOCAL Registration.  This is nonrefundable once charged.

USMS (Masters Swimmers)

$46.00 per year. This provides membership in USA Masters swimming and is Mandatory for participation in SOCAL workouts. Renewal is required annually.

Payment Options

All fees and payments must be made via credit card or debit card. Monthly dues are billed in advance on the first day of the month and are considered late if not received by the fifteenth day that month. A swimmer whose fees are late will not be permitted in the water until payment is received. 


Participation is a year-round membership responsibility. Swimmers that cannot participate in any given month may arrange to pay an inactive fee of $25.00 in lieu of their normal monthly dues. After three months of inactivity the swimmer's membership will be canceled unless an extension is specifically requested (to protect members from long-term unintentional billing). Swimmers who return after a canceled membership must pay a new registration fee ($100) each time. Swimmers returning from periods of inactivity or official breaks cannot be guaranteed placement in their former groups. All members regardless of active or inactive status must work all home meets.

Status Change Requests

All status change requests (from active to inactive; from active to canceled) are due to [email protected] by the 25th of the month prior to the status change. 


3rd Swimmer is 25% Off

The 3rd swimmer in a family will be billed at a discount of 25%.

4th Swimmer is Free

Families with four swimmers will receive the fourth swimmer free-of-charge. The 4th swimmer is defined as the youngest swimmer in the water. All swimmers from the same family must be siblings.

Outreach Program Dues

A discount is applied to each swimmer enrolled in the Outreach program.


SOCAL Aquatics offers financial assistance to dedicated swim families with economic issues. Assistance is short-term and renewable, and requires a contract of commitment. Contact a board member for more information.

Meet Entry

Swimmers may be entered in swim meets by parent or coaches. Payment of the meet fees will be made on a per meet basis and added to your monthly invoice. Transactions will be processed on the 1st of the following month along with your tuition dues. For some meets, the swimmer will be allowed to choose his/her events, for others your coach will make the decision. In either case, your must commit/decline for each swim meet on SOCAL's website. Assistance is available for those uncertain of the process. If you do not intend to swim a particular meet but fail to decline participation, you may be entered by your coach, and charged a non-refundable meet entry fee. It is responsibility of the parents and swimmers to ensure that all meet commitments and entries are correct.


If you choose to leave the club, you must notify SOCAL Aquatics via e-mail at [email protected] by the 25th of the month prior to termination. Telling your coach verbally will not satisfy this requirement. 

                                                                                                                      Revised as of December 2019