Mission Statement: The mission of SOCAL Aquatics is to create a safe and supportive environment that will enable every athlete to reach their potential; both in swimming and in life.


As one of the families that will enjoy the benefits of belonging to SOCAL Aquatics, the following facts concerning the financial significance of well-run swim meets are worthy of your recognition: 

  1. SOCAL Aquatics funds its activities from two main sources. The first source is the registration and monthly dues you have agreed to pay. The second source is the hosting of three to four large swim meets each year. 
  2. It takes many people to run EACH SESSION of every meet we host!! The presence and participation of EACH FAMILY is ALL THAT ASSURES CONTINUANCE OF SUCCESSFUL RESULTS. 
  3. The club membership has indicated a strong preference to the board for hosting swim meets versus alternative fund raising methods. 
  4. SOCAL Aquatics has the reputation of hosting the best meets in Southern California.

The following conditions are part of your agreement to be a member of SOCAL Aquatics: 

a. The board of directors will communicate with the membership the required number of sessions each family is to work for each meet. 

b. Each and every family will provide worker/s to satisfy the meet requirements set by the board, whether swimmers are active or inactive at the time of the meet. This includes families whose swimmers are using their SOCAL Aquatics membership as conditioning for polo.

c. SOCAL Aquatics currently hosts three swim meets per year. 

d. If a family cannot work these meets, it is their responsibility to make arrangements ahead of time with the Meet Manager to fulfill their obligation at another time. 

e. At each meet there will be a registration table for you to “sign in” when you arrive at the pool. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have signed in properly. 

f. Failure to satisfy the requirements spelled out above in conditions b and d will result in a one hundred dollar ($100.00) assessment per session not worked by that family for each meet. 

g. Once this assessment is paid, you will have the opportunity to “make-up” your missed sessions at the next meet of the current year and have your money returned. (A year is defined as meets held between September 1 through the following August 31). 


Exceptions to the Family Obligation Policy

Swimmers in the Masters programs are exempt from the volunteer obligation at SOCAL Hosted meets.

Email any questions to [email protected]

Revised 4/27/18