Mission Statement: The mission of SOCAL Aquatics is to create a safe environment that will enable every athlete to reach their potential; both in swimming and in life.

What is Swim-a-Thon®?

In partnership with USA Swimming, participants find supporting sponsors who pledge to donate funds to SOCAL Aquatics as they swim up to 1.5 hours or less.  These funds are crucial to the financial well-being of SOCAL Aquatics and go toward financial aid programs, team travel costs, developmental groups, and day-to-day operating costs. Participating helps us keep our fees low and generates team spirit and camaraderie among the participating swimmers.

Does SOCAL AQUATICS keep all the money that is raised?

Typically, we keep 95% of the money raised for the Swim-a-Thon®.  The other 5% goes to the USA Swimming foundation which helps support programs saving lives and building champions—in the pool and in life. The USA Swimming Foundation hopes the Swim-a-Thon® program will provide even more crucial resources to help the kids who need our support. 

However, in April 2020, USA Swimming waived the 5% contribution fee for teams who hosts a swim-a-thon fundraiser through 2021!  All monies raised at this fundraiser will go towards directly to SOCAL Aquatics.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, SOCAL AQUATICS is a non-profit organization.  Our tax ID is 33-0549700.

How do we raise money for Swim-a-Thon?

Team Unify Donation Website – We will continue to use TU Money to set up personal fundraising web pages. You can send your page link to family and friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Then watch the donations roll in! 

Envelope Collections –Due to concerns for COVID-19, we are going “Contactless” and will not be distributing Collection Envelopes for Checks or Cash this year. All donations can be submitted online and securely through our website.  If you are unsure how to enter a check donation, please email [email protected].

• Corporate Matching – Matching Gift Programs are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. For example, if a donor works for Bank of America and donates $250 to a nonprofit organization, Bank of America will then match the donation and write a check for $250 to the same organization.

Note: This process can take several weeks depending upon the corporation. Contact your employer or email  [email protected] for help setting up corporate matching.

How do I get started?

Start getting your e-mail addresses ready! It is simple to set up your Swim-A-Thon page on the SOCAL Aquatics website and you can send your donation requests with the push of one button.

Getting started is easy – You should have received a launch email with a link that will bring you directly to the set up page.  If you did not received the email, simply click on this banner.

What is the Deadline for Donations?

The deadline for ALL Online Donations is midnight on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

How can my swimmer earn prizes?

Each swimmer who has collected donations will have the opportunity to individually to earn prizes. Individual prizes will be awarded at different levels, starting at $300.   Click here to view the prizes.

What if I have questions?

Please email all questions to [email protected]. This email will be monitored daily to ensure all questions are answered.