San Clemente Aquatics (SCA) is a USA Swimming Team. We take a technique first approach to swim practices. While achieving efficient swim strokes, we develop the swimmers aerobic and speed capacity. Swimmers are placed into swim practice groups based on skill / ability and age. Each practice group is designed to achieve the individual swimmer’s goals. 

Our swim coaches are USA Swimming certified and American Swim Coaches Association members. They are always looking to learn from the latest techniques and technology while continued being-grounded in our core program. Each coach strives to create a fun yet challenging environment for our swimmers…and, we not only hold each coach accountable to results, but also the swimmers to give effort at every practice.

SCA trains swimmers to be able to race. At the center is training a swimmer’s legs and aerobic system to sustain throughout the race. Each practice includes warm-up, a hard kick set, and one to two main sets – depending on the group and time in the training cycle. Approximately every three weeks, we run a test set with each group to understand what progress each swimmer is making towards their goals – either kicking or swimming. Drills and technique work are integrated into the workouts.

Beginning with the Gold group and through the Senior II group, coaches sit down with each swimmer to evaluate their goals for the next season…while looking back on the previous season of what worked (or didn’t).

Swim attendance. Beginning in Silver 1 (10&U) through Senior II, each group has an attendance goal.

Swim meet participation is required (see Swim Team Policies and below). Meets are a chance to see progress and race against others. A “season” is defined as Short Course Yards (typically September through March) and Long Course Meters (typically April through August).

Move ups between groups tend to occur at the end of short course (SCY) and long course (LCM) seasons. Coaches will review all aspects of move up timing, including test sets, leadership in the lane and group, mental, physical and emotional readiness. Attendance and practice (dryland included) effort will also be considered as variables.

For more information about our Swim Fitness programs please visit our FitPrep page.