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About the group

San Clemente Aquatics Gold Group maintains an emphasis on stroke technique while incorporating more aerobic endurance and racing skills. Gold group swimmers must demonstrate a respectful and positive attitude at practices and swim meets to all team members. We encourage and teach a lifelong love and appreciation of the sport as we introduce this group to more rigorous training, preparing them to compete at the Blue and Junior Olympic level meets.  This group is designed for committed and motivated young athletes desiring to work and progress towards the highest National Age Group Time Standards.   Both aerobic training and continued stroke instruction are used to prepare the swimmer for senior level swimming.


A Try-out is required to join this program. Try-outs are by appointment only!



Try-out dates (by appointment only!)
Email [email protected]

Once your child has completed a tryout and is approved to join the team, you can register your swimmer  on our website: SCA Member Registration.



Expectations / Required skills

  • Minimum Entrance Considerations: 
    • ​Must be able to make 10 x 100 yd Free on 1:40
    • Must be able to make 10 x 50 yd Back, Breast and Fly on 1:00
  • There is no dry land for this group.

**For a 10 year old to be considered for this group, they must have a minimum of three Junior Olympic time standards in at least two different strokes.

***Swimmers being considered for the Gold Group will go through a transitional phase.  They will practice with the Gold Group on Saturday mornings until the coach see fit to permanently move.


Attendance and Participation  Swimmers must commit to attending a minimum of 4 practices per week and attend one meet per month.  

Service Hours

  • Each Gold family has a service hour requirement.  
  • Please see Service Hour Agreement for required hours for this swim season.
  • Login to your account to see your progress throughout the year.

Monthly Dues and Start Up

  • $165/month dues* + $70 Southern California Swimming Annual Registration + $100 SCA Team Registration Fee + $40 Annual Swimmer Fee. First month including start-up fee's will be $375 and then $165 thereafter. 
  • *For more information about monthly dues, visit our Dues/Payment Policy (under info).

The coaching staff will make all group level assignments. Training ability, performance, maturity, commitment of both the athlete and the parents, and social group will all be taken into account when making this determination. Be assured that the coaching staff considers every athlete very carefully. 

Even if the athlete makes all the standards for consideration, the athlete may not be moved into the next practice group. Conversely, the coaches may invite an athlete that has not made all the standards to be placed into a higher group. This could be for a variety of reasons including but not limited to physical, mental, or psychological maturity, commitment of the athletes and parents, social group etc. Ultimately it is the sole discretion of the coaching staff where to place an athlete. If you have a question as to why your athlete was placed in a certain group please ask the coach and we will certainly discuss it with you.