Coach Sandy

FitPrep (FP) (ages 12+)

About the group

  • This group is for those wanting to improve their swim skills, both stroke and endurance in order to participate in other water type activities, such as water polo, high school swim team or just to stay in shape.  
  • Swimming training is an effective way for land-based athletes to incorporate workouts that are gentle on joints and tough on the cardiovascular system.  Swimming also works an athlete's entire body, exposes their strength to bodyweight ratio, and increase their range of motion.  The sport of swimming isn't for everyone but a little swim training can help all athletes.
  • Non-competitive group and swimmers
  • Do not participate in swim meets although they have the option to swim in our team hosted meet in October.
  • Able to swim 200 Freestyle and 200 backstroke.
  • Swimmers who have already achieved membership on their high school team do not need to try-out to join this group.
  • Swimmers new to competitive swimming should attend one practice as a try-out before registering for the group.
  • No attendance requirement although swimmers are encouraged to attend all practices.  

Monthly Dues:  $125