• Junior Olympic (JO) Group (Ages 10-14)  This group is designed for committed and motivated young athletes desiring to work and progress towards the highest National Age Group Time Standards. Both aerobic training and continued stroke instruction are used to prepare the swimmer for senior level swimming. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all practices and required to attend a minimum of 80% of practices offered per week.  The swim meet requirement is determined by your coach.  
  • Minimum Entrance Considerations:  Determined by Coach                                 
  •  Attendance Requirement: YES, 80%
  •  Meet Requirement:  Yes, determined by coach  
  •  Dry Land/Stretching:  Yes

 Practice Sessions/Week:  6          

*The coaching staff determines placement within the program and advancement through the different levels. Swimmers may change groups at the discretion of the coaching staff for numerous reasons, including performance, group constraints and the the impact of registration.  The SCA coaches will work together to give each swimmer the most concise assessment during any group change.  We have a very experienced and trained staff that knows what is best for each individual swimmer.  If you have questions regarding your swimmer's group, please discuss with your swimmer's coach at a scheduled appointment time.