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This is the highest level competitive group that San Clemente Aquatic Team offers.  Recommended for swimmers who qualify and wish to participate in local, state, Sectional, Jr. National and National competitions.  We also work to qualify as many swimmers as possible to be USA Scholastic All-Americans in the classroom.  This high intensity/high reward group is designed to be a “center of excellence”.   Swimmers are expected to behave in a positive manner with teammates and foster the “winning culture” necessary to be an elite level athlete.  Swimmers are expected to accept the responsibility of his/her performance, understand and perform specific race strategies, take responsibility for their own swimming careers and commit to being leaders of SCA.  

Coaches invitation for admission to this group. 


Minimum Swim Requirement:

  • 20 x 100 Freestyle @ 1:10
  • 16 x 100 IM @ 1:25
  • Kick 20 x 50 @ :50

In additional to the minimum swim requirements, swimmers must maintain 85% attendance as measured by a monthly snapshot, maintain a supportive and appropriate attitude toward themselves, their coaches, and their teammates. 


Equipment:  Strokemaker Hand Paddles (size appropriate-see coach), Pull Buoy, TYR Snorkel, TYR Short Fins, Mesh Bag, Water Bottle and Appropriate Dry-land Clothes and Shoes.


A Tryout is required to join this group.  Please contact Coach Jason to try out for the National Group.

The San Clemente Aquatic Team assigns swimmers to practice groups based on skill/ability and age.  Coaches are able to focus on techniques, skills and intervals that are best suited for our swimmers’ development while enhancing aerobic and speed capacity.  Each coach strives to create a fun yet challenging environment for our swimmers.  

Although practice attendance is not mandatory for most groups, we do encourage swimmers to attend all or as many practices as possible, attendance + effort = success.  Swim meets are optional for some groups and mandatory for others.  Swim meets are a chance for swimmers, coaches and parents to see progress. 

Move-ups between groups tend to occur at the end of our short course and long course seasons.  Coaches will review all aspects of move up timing, including test sets, leadership in the lane and group, mental, physical and emotional readiness.  Attendance and practice effort will also be considered as variables.