Thank you for your interest in San Clemente Aquatics (SCAT).  We are a USA swim team that offers programs for most levels of swimmers ages 5-19.  We offer a Competitive Swim Team and Fitness group.

Bronze is our beginner level for swimmers ages 5-11.  To be considered for the Bronze group, swimmers must be able to meet the minimum swim requirements according to their age.

  • Ages 5-8:  swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle with side arm breathing, 25 yards backstroke, 25 yards  breaststroke and 25 yards butterfly.  All strokes must be legal, continual and unassisted. 
  • Ages 9-11:  swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards freestyle with side arm breathing, 50 yards backstroke, 25 yards breaststroke and 25 yards butterfly.  All strokes must be legal, continual and unassisted. 

Competitive Swim Team is for swimmers ages 5-19 that can swim all four competitive strokes.  All strokes must be legal, continual and unassisted.  Depending on the age of the swimmer, at the evaluation the swimmer will be asked to demonstrate anywhere from 50-100 yards of each stroke.  These groups have minimum attendance requirements, swim meet requirements and service hours.

Fitness group is for swimmers 12 and older that can swim 100 yards Freestyle and 50 yards backstroke.   All strokes must be legal, continual and unassisted.  These groups have NO attendance requirement, NO swim meet requirement and NO service hours.  This group 


1. How do I schedule an evaluation?
Please email the following information to our Team Administrator ( and she will schedule your evaluation. 

  • Swimmer Name 

  • Swimmer Date of Birth

  • If a swimmer is younger than 12, what strokes can they swim?

  • If a swimmer is 12 or older:  Can your swimmer swim legally all four competitive strokes?

  • Does your swimmer have any swim team experience?  If so, what team?

  • What does your swimmer want to accomplish with SCA?  For example, swim for fitness only, wants to be on team and compete, looking to swim in high school, etc.

2.  What if my swimmer cannot meet the minimum swim requirements?  We would recommend that you enroll in a swim lesson program prior to scheduling an evaluation. 

3.  What do I need to bring to the try-out?  Swimmers should bring a swim cap (if they have hair past their ears), goggles, and a towel.

4.  Am I required to put in Service Hours or participate in Fundraisers?
Yes and No.  Some groups have a service hour requirement. This policy can be found under the Info page on the website.

5.  Can I start at any time?
Yes.  We are a year-round team that officially begins practices in September and finishes up the season in August.  That said, swimmers join the team regularly throughout the year, so you can start anytime.