1. Who can join the swim team?
Any swimmer who is at least five years old and can swim 25 yards of freestyle (under 35 seconds), 25 yards of backstroke.  All strokes must be legal, continual and unassisted.   (Swimmers 11 & older must be able to demonstrate all four competitive strokes.)

2. What should I do if I'm interested in joining the team?
Contact our team administrator at kymsabins@gmail.com and she will set up a try-out.  Try-outs are held monthly by appointment only.  To set up an appointment, email our team administrator and provide her with your child's full name, date of birth and any swim experience.  She will let you know the date of the next try-out.
3.  What do I need to bring to the try-out?  Swimmers should bring a swim cap (if they have hair past their ears), goggles, and a towel.
4. How do I know when my child will practice and what it will cost?
Practice groups are based on age and skill level, so the coach will watch your child swim and determine the best practice group.  Cost is dependent on the group placement.

5.  Are there any contracts?
No.  There is a registration fee and that is paid upon joining and covers membership and insurance.  You can exit the program at any time by informing the Team Administrator of such changes by the 20th of the month.  

6.  Am I required to put in Service Hours or participate in Fundraisers?
Yes and No.  Some groups have a service hour requirement. This policy can be found under the Info page on the website.

7.  Can I start at anytime?
Yes.  We are a year-round team that officially begins practices in September and finishes up the season in August.  That said, swimmers join the team regularly throughout the year, so you can start anytime with the exception of August. (We do not accept new swimmers in the month of August.)


San Clemente Aquatics operates as a 501c3 non-profit youth sports organization governed by a membership Board of Directors in cooperation with the Team Administrator. The Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of club policy while overseeing the fiduciary responsibilities associated with a membership organization. Monthly meetings are held and are open to all members that wish to attend or bring issues forward for board review. The time and location of monthly meetings are scheduled on the General Calendar. Minutes of the meetings are made available to members and are posted on our website.