Program Director: Bryanna    Coach Jess             


About the group

San Clemente Aquatics Mini-Triton Level 1 Group is to take our youngest swimmers, ages 5-6, and get them "team ready" for Mini-Triton Level 2 (MTL2).  Swimmers in this group will be taught the basics of breathing, head position, and backstroke.  The expectation that swimmers in this group build confidence and strength and are ready to move to the MTL2 program within a few months. 

Try-outs is required to join this program. Try-outs are by appointment only!

Try-out dates (by appointment only!)

To Schedule an Appointment:  Email  Please include your child's name, date of birth, swim experience (if applicable).  

Once your child has completed a tryout and is approved to join the team, you can register your swimmer  on our website: SCA Member Registration.

Expectations / Required skills  Swimmers in MTL1 are comfortable putting their faces in the water and can swim 50 yards freestyle.  Swimmers must be at least 5 years old. **verification on birth certificate is required. 


Attendance and Participation  Swimmers are encouraged to attend both practices offered each week.  This group does not participate in swim meets.  

Service Hours  There are no service hours assigned to this group.  

Monthly Dues and Start Up 

$80/month dues + $20 Southern California Swimming Annual Registration + $100 SCA Team Registration Fee + $40 Annual Swimmer Fee.  First month including start-up fee's will be $240 and then $80 thereafter.


  • Boys:  jammers or briefs, goggles.  Cap optional
  • Girls:  1-piece competition suit, googles, cap (required).  Hair must be completely inside cap
  • Board shorts, trunks, rash guards not permitted.
MTL1 #1:  MW 3:30-3:50 pm
MTL1 #3:  MW 3:10-3:30 pm 
MTL1 #2:  TTH 3:30-3:50 pm

We have worked hard to create a schedule with as many options as possible. Groups and times may not be mixed. Please don’t ask for exceptions. In order to maintain practice quality, swimmers must attend at the time for which they are registered.  We do not have make-ups for missed practices.  (Space is limited and not all groups have space available).

Criteria to Move from Mini Tritons Level 1 to Mini Tritons Level 2

  • Complete 50 yards Freestyle.  
  • Work in a group environment and follow coaching directions
  • Be on time for workouts 90% of time