We value the enthusiasm and support of our parents and wouldn't have the success as a team without you. With that being said, USA Swimming has a policy in place addressing parents on deck during workouts because it poses a liability and safety issue. The policy put forth by USA Swimming is in place to prevent distractions for the coaches as well as the athletes. We do not want to ban our parents from the pool deck and therefore have a designated parent/spectator area. 

You are welcomed to view the practice from the parent/spectator designated viewing area. Bleachers are available on the east side (facility entrance side) for your use.  Please refrain from coaching from the bleachers, giving hand signals, getting their attention, or otherwise disrupting the group. We try hard to keep their attention, and we don’t need the added competition from the bleachers.  Parents are not allowed to be behind the blocks where the coaches are coaching nor are they allowed to videotape any workouts without coach authorization.  You are not required to stay in the swim center during your athlete’s practice. However, we ask that you pick up your child on time from practice.