Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)



San Clemente Aquatic Team adheres to the MAAPP Policy set forth by the U.S. Center of Safe Sport. All competing athletes 18 years of age or older must also complete the APT course.

Safe Sport (MAAPP) Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy- To be reviewed annually.

Safe Sport (MAAPP) Signature Page- Required Annually. Hard Copy Sign Off

Electronic Safe Sport (MAAPP) Signature Page- Required Annually. Electronic Sign Off


Reporting Forms:

Printable Reporting Form

USA Swimming Safe Sport Reporting Form

Athlete safety remains our core principle at the San Clemente Aquatic Team. Together with the California Department of Justice, CANRA, USA Swimming and the National SafeSport Center, we work to provide a training environment free of any and all forms of abuse. 

Abuse includes bullying, harassment, hazing, physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual misconduct of any nature. This page contains resources for day-to-day issues critical to keeping our athletes safe, reporting abuse incidents, policy changes and where families can be directed to learn more about these matters.

Please contact SCAT's Safe Sport Coordinator, Kym Sabins, at [email protected] with questions or concerns. 

Safe Sport Reporting:

1. To register a Safe Sport concern, contact USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578 or go to Deal with a Safe Sport Concern

2. Contact the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to file a report. Call (720) 524-5640 or use the online reporting form (above).  For more information go to www.uscenterforsafesport.org