Mission Statement


The mission of The Swim Team is to create a fun yet challenging environment that promotes the development of character and self-discipline.




The The Swim Team (TST) is committed to providing a complete swim program that is nationally recognized as an elite competitive swim team.




1. Provide a safe, fun, and exciting atmosphere that helps each swimmer reach their next level.

2. Teach proper swimming skills and techniques.

3. Help parents understand the best way to support their child’s swimming career.

THE SWIM TEAM Executive Director:  Tim Teeter
Direct: 949-923-7981




A Message from our Director, Bradley Schumacher- Two time Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist.

Welcome to THE SWIM TEAM.

When I began my swimming and water polo career I never knew I would make it to the Olympic Games and let alone win Olympic Medals.  What I did know is that I really enjoyed going to workout with all of my friends and we always had a ton of fun.  We worked really hard and in turn we swam fast, not always best times but we still had a ton of fun with one another.  When I think back to those times training and competing the thing that is most clear are the friends and the great times we had with one another.  There is no blue print to make an Olympian, some of us will and many of us will not, but at the end of the day the sport of swimming is not about the medals we win or how far up the ladder we climb.  Swimming is about each of us individually reaching the goals we set for ourselves whatever they may be.

THE SWIM TEAM was created to provide an environment for kids that promotes having a ton of fun while swimming fast and efficient!  I searched for a staff that has the same ideals and I believe we have the most dynamic young staff in the country.

Come down to EL Toro and Check us out!


Warm Regards,


Bradley Schumacher

SET Director