San Gabriel Sea Gulls


For the child who has learned to swim and wants to take the next step



The  San Gabriel Sea Gulls Swim Team (SGSG) is a not for profit competitive swim team that promotes healthy, spirited swim competition and sportsmanship to any family interested. SGSG will promote water safety awareness and work hand in hand with the City of San Gabriel Park and Recreation Department to promote water safety awareness. SGSG will focus on the promotion of aquatic opportunities for all students and the development of youth leadership opportunities. SGSG is a member agency to USA swimming and follows all objectives set by USA Swimming and the local swim committee Southern California Swimming.


Why is swimming such a great sport?

Only a few of the best swimmers will become Olympians, but kids of all ages remember three things about their swimming experience: fun, friends, and excellence. Swimmers and their parents can participate together as a family. Every swimmer contributes to the success of the team and enjoys fun and the team experience with friends. With that fun comes the self-discipline that every child needs to achieve excellence. This excellence is achieved in more places than just athletic competition—it shows up as personal achievement in the classroom, self-confidence in every situation, and as personal pride. Swimming is a healthy, non-contact sport that develops stamina, endurance, and overall physical fitness.





Excellent Coaching

  • The SGSG Staff has over 92 years of competitive experience in the sport of swimming.
  • All staff members hold current American Red Cross lifeguarding and USA Swimming certification for coaching.
  • All training sessions are carefully designed to promote fast swimming using the latest techniques provided by USA Swimming.
  • Head Coach George Young was voted Age Group Coach of the Year for 1994, 1995, 2007 and 2017 by his fellow coaches and he has received three Service Awards from the Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation in 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2004. Coach Young was also recently honored with United States Swimming’s Safety Award for promoting water safety awareness throughout the San Gabriel Valley.
  • The Coaching Staff has developed several Nationally Ranked Swimmers and several Junior National Qualifiers and Senior National Qualifiers over the last 26 years.

The Right Combination of Competitive Training and Fun

Sea Gull kids are committed to becoming the best they can be in the world of competitive swimming. In just 10 years since the Sea Gulls were formed as a year-round club, they have moved into consistent "Top 8" rankings in the USA Swimming Regional Championship and "Top 20" rankings in the Southern California Swimming Junior Olympics competition. Sea Gull swimmers also excel in the classroom, and are rewarded for their efforts and merit in school. The Sea Gulls honor students with excellent marks on their report cards, and have helped developed 5 Scholastic All American Swimmers, SGSG promotes excellence in the classroom. But, fun is an important part of the life of young people, and the Sea Gulls have established a tradition of doing fun things together, including summer trips to the beach.


Progressive Training Levels

Every swim team will have a range of swimmers with different ages and different levels of swimming experience. Sea Gull swimmers are organized into progressive training groups—from Junior Bronze (8 years old & younger Beginning Swimmers), to Bronze (Beginners), to Silver (Intermediate), to Gold (Advanced), to Platinum (Regionally-ranked Swimmers)—so that each swimmer gets to train with others at a similar level of skill. The Junior Bronze swimmers work out roughly 3-4 hours a week while the more advanced Platinum swimmers work out roughly 12-15 hours a week.



For information, email Coach George Young @ [email protected]