San Gabriel Sea Gulls


  Progressive Training Levels - Swim Groups

Every swim team will have a range of swimmers with different ages and different levels of swimming experience.

Sea Gull swimmers are organized into progressive training groups - from Junior Bronze (8 years old & younger Beginning Swimmers), to Bronze (Beginners), to Silver (Intermediate), to Gold (Advanced), to Platinum (Regionally-ranked Swimmers) - so that each swimmer gets to train with others at a similar level of skill.

The Junior Bronze swimmers work out roughly 3-4 hours a week, while the more advanced Platinum swimmers work out roughly 12-15 hours a week. Minimum swimming level is required as determined by coaching staff.

All training sessions are carefully designed to promote fast swimming using the latest techniques provided by USA Swimming.

For more information, contact George Young, Director of Competition at (626) 291-2901 or [email protected].