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Head Coach of SGSG, George Young has been promoting water safety awareness for decades and has blended competitive swimming and water safety to enrich all that aquatics have to offer.

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The Shortage of Solid and Well-trained Lifeguards will Only Get Worse before It Gets Better….
submitted by George Young on 11/20/2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of lifeguards. During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, there will still be a shortage of well-trained lifeguards. GY

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, most aquatic facilities that could open for business were steps behind on conducting the in-water service staff training sessions needed for the lifeguards. Many restrictions, liability issues, and just wanting to move forward with opening pools in the small window that partly open have led to poor in-service training for lifeguards. In LA County, the restrictions were intense and needed. The American Red Cross extending lifeguard certifications with a simple on-line review was needed. The aquatic field did what was needed to open the pools. The one limitation on opening pools that was extremely difficult was conducting in-water training for the aquatic staff. Now for some daydreaming -- George’s dreamy insight……..

If I had unlimited wealth, this is just of the things I would do to ensure a safer aquatic environment for all. I would put together an epic Hollywood production to promote this campaign. Oh, the campaign is providing training for lifeguards under any circumstances. Can you imagine Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, and Keira Knightley all four sharing the stage getting everyone excited about being a well-trained lifeguard? Then you throw in a few short bits between it all with Jack Nicholson, kind of scary oversite of drowning. Then to top it off, Denzel Washington's closing remarks purely motivating everyone to do the best you can. That will, in an epic way, take care of the marketing! One may ask, what exactly are they marketing? The borrowing of lifeguard training manakins for in-service training during the COVID-19 pandemic. An established foundation lead by the aquatic’s finest to ensure the safety of all! A foundation that will enable aquatic facilities to borrow lifeguard training manakins at no cost.

What  makes this so interesting is a finger has been pointed at an individual and not the agency he works under nor the supervisor that supervises him nor the board of directors that are the owners of the pool. This could be BIG and the Aquatic Magazine labels it as a Game Changer.

Remember, money will not be an issue; the founder of the foundation has bottomless pockets. I am not endorsing or under contract with the following company, but as easy as one-stop shopping, they have almost all that is needed, check out The Lifeguard Store web-site for the following rescue products; Child and adult water rescue manakins, silhouette dolls, and my favorite beast of water rescuing the Snyder Training manakin all ready to be checked out to aid aquatic facilities in staff in-service training. Allowing the agencies to use the water rescue manikins for training will only enhance the safer pool concept and, hopefully, create a gateway for the best-trained lifeguards for all.

Not a true story BUT a true dream ……

Arranged by non-bottomless pockets, George Young


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George Young is a well-rounded aquatic enthusiast specializing in all aspects of water.  George has been a professional swim coach specializing in developing age group swimmers for more than 32 years.  George swam competitively for 10 years and reached the national level of the sport.  George is also very active in the management side of aquatics.  He has more than 19 years of experience as an aquatic director/pool manager and is a current Certified Pool Operator.  George’s involvement in promoting water safety awareness won him the USA Swimming Safety Commendation Award in 2001.  He is a current American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor and Water Safety Instructor IT and has trained over 300 lifeguards & swim instructors.  George resides in San Gabriel California and is a proud father of two sons, Sean and Evan and is happily married to wife Yuki.