Hard work

Level 3


Grades: High School (9th through 12th Graders)

Purpose: Refine technical skills, learn advanced racing strategies, increase mental training, develop a more focused approach to competition, exemplify ownership

Practice Attendance: up to 7 practices a week (100% required)

Meet Attendance: compete at all local, regional, sectional, and national meets

Description: This group is the most focused within the program. The commitment level is 100% attendance, and swimmers should also be fully committed mentally and physically outside of scheduled practice hours. The goal of the group is to attend national-level meets, as well as pursue collegiate swimming after their time with Swim Torrance. These swimmers set the example for the rest of the program and are held to the highest expectations.

Equipment: click here for a complete list

Lead Coach: Coach Brian


Want to join this group? Contact Coach Chantal