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The Swim Torrance Splash Club is designed to educate swimmers on water safety, breath control, and stroke technique of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Splash Club- Lessons (Summer)
Splash Club Lessons for June/July 2022 is full.
Get your swimmers ready for their summer swimming with this one-month program! Our certified Swim Instructors are ready to assist your children in learning the skill sets of swimming and developing their four strokes in a safe and positive pool environment.

This program runs from June 27th to July 29th on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5:00-5:30pm at the George Mannon Torrance Unified Aquatic Center (2320 Crenshaw Blvd).

Each week, Instructors will give a certificate of progress for parents and swimmer to track their stroke development. There will be a 3:1 swimmer to instructor ratio, so your child will get plenty of attention each time they are in the water. By the end of this course, your child will leave more confident and comfortable in the water.

For children 5-years-old to 12-years-old
Class length: 30 minutes, three times a week for 4 weeks
Program cost: $300
Assessment: June 27th  (after registration is complete)
Classes: June 27th-July 29th
*No Classes on: July 1, July 4 and July 22

Swimmers must be able to:
Blow bubbles from nose and mouth
Submerge face in the water
Swim to wall and exit
Float on back for 30 seconds
Can swim front crawl (freestyle)
Can independently kick on belly and kick on back
This class is not for children who are uncomfortable submerging their face in the water.

Skills introduced:
Flutter kicking with streamline arms on their stomach and back, and flutter kick on their side
Swim freestyle and learn bi-lateral breathing (breathing to both sides)
Swim backstroke with proper hand entry and head position
Breaststroke kick with streamline arms, on belly and on back
Swim breaststroke and work towards a legal breaststroke kick
Butterfly kick with streamline arms, on belly and on back
Swim butterfly with arms recovery over water and kicking with feet together
Introduce flip turns for freestyle and open turns for breaststroke and butterfly

Splash Club - Endurance
Check back in July to register for tryouts.
This program is for swimmers who went through tryouts and need more stroke technique to become race-legal in all four strokes. Another goal is for swimmers in the group to build endurance to work towards completing sets in a practice-like environment.

After scheduling a tryout, attending the tryout, and receiving a placement letter from the Auxiliary Program Director, Coach Chantal, you can then register on our website. You must be registered and approved online by her before you can begin attending Splash Club Endurance practices.

This group is broken up into two sessions:  
Session 1 dates: has been completed for 2021-2022
Session 2 dates: 
has been completed for 2021-2022

The practice time for Session 1 will be TBD.


All of our instructors for Endurance and Lessons are CPR/AED certified, Concussion Protocol certified, and have SafeSport training.

All participants are encouraged to make all classes. There are no make up classes and no refunds.

For swimmers interested in trying out for the competitive program, Splash Club is not responsible if your child does not get onto Swim Torrance's year-round team. We provide the tools and education, but your child is responsible for learning and applying our instruction.