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Canyons Cranberry Classic Recap

Kimi Davidson
Nov 27, 2018

Canyons Cranberry Classic
Meet Recap

Shark: What another great experience for the Shark kids at the Cranberry Classic! The kids learned a new form of check-in where there isn’t a check in! They were all able to adapt and focus in a very tight warm-up timeline. Throughout the meet, I can really tell who is focusing and putting the technique in racing in practice. The highlight swimmers of this meet would be Key G. and Zeke E. they swam their very first 500 free on Friday and was definitely prepared since they’ve been working on it for the past 4 weeks! Overall, very well done for the swimmers that attended that meet! -Coach Hana

3 Skill Challenge Winners:
S1 Girl - Key G.        S2 Girl - Kira T.

S1 Boy - Allen L.      S2 Boy - William C.

Age Group: What a great meet for both Age Group 1 and Age Group 2. The athletes are getting better at applying the skills they learned in practice, during the meet. The 500 free seemed like a breeze, and we even had a few swimmers complete it without goggles on most of the race! Way to go parents who also had their first experience using a counter. There were many new WAG cuts, to the point where we doubled the amount of swimmers we took last year from Age Group! I am very proud of everybody’s improvements this weekend! -Coach Kimi

3 Skill Challenge Winners
Age Group 1: Janna and Kalona
Age Group 2:  Josiah

PreSenior: The Canyons Cranberry Classic was a great check point for the PreSeniors. We saw great improvements in developing race power and underwaters. Some athletes took chances by trying out different race strategies or details, which was great to see. Moving forward, we will fine tune these race plans and skills, such as turns and finishes, as we approach the end of season! Great work by all Swim Torrance athletes!! -Coach Rachael

Senior:  There were 16 Senior I-II athletes who participated in the Cranberry Classic. As a final tune up before WAG and the Canyons Invitational swimmers were focused on executing race skills and strategies. I was very pleased with the commitment and focus on those two points. -Coach Julio

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